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Honesty and transparency are core values in the Danish Refugee Council's work.

Transparency is one way among many for the organisation to be accountable to its beneficiaries, donors and the broader public. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is fully committed to transparency insofar as it does not put its beneficiaries, staff or stakeholders at undue risk. See also our mission, vision and value compass.

Below you will find, among other materials, key accountability documents, both internal and external reports, evaluations, financial overviews grouped together by theme.

Transparency about Code of Conduct Complaints

DRC's Code of Conduct is a cornerstone of how we go about our work around the world. Here you will find the Code of Conduct, a policy brief on sexual misconduct as well as the 2017 infographic on substantiated cases of sexual misconduct. You will also find a link to DRC's global annual complaints report which in figures describes, among other things, what type of complaints we get, how we handle them, and how long they take to be processed.

You can access a monthly updated dashboard view of the number and types of incoming complaints by clicking the link below:

Internal Audit Annual Report

DRC has a strong Internal Audit team which conducts risk-based thematic, country specific or project audits throughout DRC's international operations. Each year the Internal Audit function produces a summary report for the Executive Management highlighting the major or recurrent observations throughout the year. You can find the summary report here, including the management letter:

Internal Audit Annual Report

Financial Overview of International Programmes and Projects

In order to understand an organisation, it is important to have some basic information about the organisation's budgets. By following the link below you will be taken to dashboards which show how much funding different donors have donated for which programs in different countries. Use the tabs at the top of the dashboards and the dashboards' built-in filter functions to move between and zoom in on different types and levels of data. 

See the grants database dashboards with overview of funding.

DRC's Annual Report 2017 is a key source of information about the organisation’s financial and programmatic performance.

International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)
In line with our approach to transparency and upholding the core values of honesty and transparency, DRC uploads data and information to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

IATI is a globally recognised common data standard comprised of project, finance and results data that works to ensure development and humanitarian cooperation.

DRC became a signatory of IATI in 2018 and we are currently in the process of uploading data and information to IATI in accordance with the requirements of Danida, DFID (UK Department for International Development) and Dutch MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

We do not publish data that could compromise the safety of our staff and the communities that we work with.

To view our IATI data, please see IAII registry, and for any questions regarding our IATI data, please contact [email protected].

Capacity Assessments, Audits and Evaluations

Each year, several reports and evaluations are done addressing DRC's work. The organisation is certified under the Core Humanitarian Standards (CHS) where external auditors assess how well DRC meets the nine defined standards.

CHS Audit Report

You can read more on DRC’s CHS certification here.

Finally, DRC is committed to undergoing due diligence processes from donors, partners and stakeholders. The table illustrates which organisations have conducted due diligence reviews of DRC in 2018. The processes cover topics such as HR, safeguarding, accountability, procurement, management capacity, programmatic quality and anti-corruption. For details of these due diligence processes, please contact us at [email protected].

List of recent due diligence processes carried out by donors on DRC (PDF)