Nick Vovk


Two years of demining have cleared 630K m2 of land in Ukraine

Danish Refugee Council – Danish Demining Group (DRC-DDG) officially handed over two fields to the local authorities of Myrna Dolyna, which the organisation's deminers had been clearing of explosive ordnance, including mines, for more than two years.

On October 22, the Danish Refugee Council−Danish Demining Group (DRC-DDG) handed over two cleared fields to the community of Myrna Dolyna of a total area of almost 630 thousand square metres. For over two years, DRC-DDG Deminers cleared this territory centimetre by centimetre: from mid-2017 to September 2019, followed by an inspection by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

“We are glad that people in Myrna Dolyna can finally use this land safely. Unfortunately, the clearing process is very time-consuming. Nevertheless, DRC-DDG reinforces the activities in eastern Ukraine and works hard to unlock the local residents’ freedom of movement, and to make tillage safe,” says Christian James Fielding, DDG Operations Manager.

The humanitarian demining in Myrna Dolyna was part of the project “Protection of conflict-affected populations in eastern Ukraine through legal assistance and mine action,” funded by the European Union through its Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department.

According to DRC-DDG data, from June 2014 to September 2020 more than 2,000 people were injured or killed by landmines and other explosive ordnance in Ukraine. DRC-DDG operates in Luhanska Oblast, where since 2017 over 600 thousand square metres have been cleared manually. In 2020, an addition 900 thousand square metres will be cleared.