South Sudan

Empowering single mothers in South Sudan

Making a sustainable living is often a struggle in conflict and displacement-affected areas. In Malakal in South Sudan, a single mother of six has been able to establish her own business after taking part in a cash-for-work programme with DRC. She is now able to provide for her children.

Nyankiir from the town of Malakal in northern South Sudan is the sole breadwinner in her family. As a single mother living with her six children it is the 37-year-old woman’s responsibility to feed her children and provide for their needs. However, following years of violent conflict, earning an income is a struggle in Malakal.

It is a struggle that Nyankiir shares with many people in conflict and displacement-affected areas across the world where employment opportunities are often negatively affected leaving people without their jobs or other sources of income.

DRC works to promote economic recovery by helping people in conflict and displacement-affected areas to provide for themselves and their families in a safe, dignified, and sustainable manner.

Picture 1 Success Story

As part of DRC's cash-for-work programme, Nyankiir has cleaned and cut the grass in schools in Malakal. She has then invested the money to start her own business.

In Malakal, DRC engaged Nyankiir and about 40 other women in cash-for-work activities funded by the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund. For four days, the women cleaned and cut grass in two primary schools in Malakal.

With the payment she received for the work, Nyankiir was able to start a small business selling fresh milk. She bought five litres of fresh milk, sold them and reinvested the profit into her business to buy new stock.

“Because of DRC’s cash-for-work activity, I am now able to buy food for my children instead of picking wild grasses to feed them,” she says.

“Now I have enough to start a business. I am very happy that I was part of this project. It has put a smile on my face and brought hope to my family.”

Over the course of June 2020 to July 2021, DRC was able to support 420 families such as Nyankiir's in Malakal, thanks to the support of the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund. 45% of the recipients were women.

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