A Kind Heart with Great Ambitions Finds its Path

After living in Jordan for years with no friends and finding it hard to play with his peers or even communicate with them, 14-year-old Yaser is finally able to overcome his shyness.

Yaser fled with his family from Homs in Syria in 2013, to have a short stay in Zaatari camp and then moved to Amman, where the family has been residing in Alhussien camp. Even though he arrived to Jordan at a young age, Yaser struggled in meeting new people and making friends, leaving him feeling isolated.

Through neighbours, Yaser’s mother found out about the Danish Refugee Council’s (DRC) SANAD community centre in East Amman and its various activities. To help Yaser grow and build a stronger personality, his mother immediately enrolled him and his siblings in the centre. For Yaser it was a great challenge and opportunity to be part of “Supporting a Positive Future for Syrian Children” project activities, funded by the Danish International Development Agency “DANIDA”.

In 2020, Yaser’s journey with DRC’s activities began. At the very beginning, he remained calm and only observed his surroundings. Yaser attended sports, theatrical, origami and other cultural activities, which helped in establishing a platform for him to express himself, interact with his peers and be able to connect and be creative. During the activities Yaser showed several traits that revealed his social intelligence, as he was a great team player, a good listener, logical, and had a sense of leadership that enhanced the role of the team.

Now, Yaser is more excited than ever to go back to school as he has a lot of friends he wants to catch up with and play with. He also cannot wait to attend more activities in the centre. Yaser’s favourite topic at school is science and he dreams of becoming a veterinarian when he grows up. “I have two doves that I am taking care of and I love animals a lot,” he said proudly.

Yaser is a caring and kind person who needed to be directed to the right path to get out of his comfort zone and get exposed to the outside world to share his ideas and his kindness and explore the beauty of connecting not only with nature and animals but also with other children.