Draw a home for the world’s refugees

Millions of people are forced to flee their homes by violence, conflict, persecution. Now, you can draw a home for the world’s refugees and start a fundraiser to help us provide vital shelter for displaced people across the world. Every contribution makes a world of difference.

Are you at home now? Look around. There is your kitchen, your bedroom, your living room, your bathroom. Your home is the base from You and your family can build a safe everyday life.

But far too many people are being forced from their homes across the world, and thus also forced from the base that makes them feel safe.

By the end of 2020, a record number of 82.4 million people lived in displacement after being forced to flee their homes by violence, conflict, and persecution.

As important as food and water

Having access to even the simplest of homes is as important as food and water. Even a tent or a cabin provides vital shelter against rain, wind, cold, heat, and infectious diseases, but it also provides the base from where to rebuild a safe everyday life.

This is why the Danish Refugee Council is now launching the Draw a Home campaign.

The campaign is launched during Refugee Week, which takes place in the week leading up to World Refugee Day on 20 June and will raise awareness of the global refugee crisis and its effect on young people.

A home for displaced people across the world

On, you and your children can upload a drawing of a home, share it on social media, and encourage friends and family to support your drawing. Every contribution goes to the Danish Refugee Council’s work with providing shelter to displaced people across the world, and every contribution counts.

For just 112£, we can provide a displaced family with shelter.

DRC, the Danish Refugee Council, a leading international humanitarian organisation. We work to ensure a dignified life for refugees and displaced people in 40 countries. We provide protection and life-saving humanitarian assistance. DRC was founded in Denmark in 1956, employs 9,000 staff worldwide and reached more than three million people last year with our programmes of support.

Refugee Children drawing their homes

Refugee children in the world's largest refugee camp, Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, draw their past, present, and future homes.