Photo story: Somalia Drought Response

Three stories of much needed emergency cash assistance.

Bulowarbe IDP Camp Maryam (1)

Photo: DRC

Bulowarbe IDP camp in the outskirts of Mogadishu hosts hundreds of displaced persons mainly from the Lower Shabelle region which is severely affected by the ongoing drought.

Four consecutive failed rainy seasons have made our lives miserable. The effects of the drought on our agricultural production are unbearable. We lost everything and fled from our hometown in search of food and water.

Maryam, mother of five

Maryam, a mother of five children, lives in Bulowarbe IDP camp where she receives cash transfer support from the Danish Refugee Council under the Horn of Africa drought response project to mitigate the impact of the drought.

Maryam Somalia 2

Photo: DRC

Following the registration, I received emergency cash support worth $100 to support my family and pay our bills. The cash transfer is more than a relief and it has changed our lives. We are thankful to DRC for this timely support.

Maryam, mother of five

IDP Camp Abdi Somalia

Photo: DRC

I was displaced from Dinsoor as the drought started taking a toll on us. We have lost our livelihoods to this situation, making us more vulnerable. We trekked for several kilometers to reach Baidoa in search of better living conditions.

Abdi, IDP living in Baidoa camp

Abdi lives in an IDP camp in Baidoa. The overcrowded camp hosts hundreds of displaced persons mainly from Dinsoor and nearby areas. The IDPs lack access to water coupled with poor hygienic practices.

Abdi Amijn Somalia

Photo: DRC

As a witness of several drought conditions in the past, this is the worst in our history. However, the cash support from DRC has relieved us of the impact of the situation and enabled us to meet our basic needs. We are grateful for that, and we hope for much more from you.

Abdi, IDP living in Baidoa camp

Aden, a 72-year-old father, fled from Qooryooley in the Lower Shabelle region due to severe drought. He now lives in Al-hidaya makeshift camp in the outskirts of Mogadishu where he is benefitting from the emergency lifesaving multipurpose cash assistance under the Horn of Africa Drought Response project.

Adan Somalia 3

Photo: DRC

Once I passed the selection criteria and the verification process, I received $100 to cover my basic needs. The cash transfer enabled me to build this makeshift shelter which is a safe space for my wife and children. We are not there yet but we are slowly making progress and getting a foothold

Aden, 72-year-old father living in Al-hidaya makeshift camp

DRC emergency response

With the deteriorating humanitarian situation across Somalia, DRC has scaled up emergency frontline responses focusing primarily on provision of multi-purpose cash assistance to severely drought and displacement-affected populations along with integrated assistance to 104 IDP sites across the country.

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