Resilience in the face of adversity – Aden’s story

In one of the largest IDP camps in the capital Mogadishu, reprieve has come to many Somalis who DRC has supported with lifesaving multi-purpose cash, giving them a reason to smile.

Adan Sheikh Hassan, a newly arrived IDP in Deynile district, is among them. The 72-year-old father fled from Qooryooley in the Lower Shabelle region due to the severe drought that has ravaged many parts of the country and turned many into destitution. He now lives in Al-hidaya makeshift camp in the outskirts of Mogadishu.

“I was displaced from Qooryooley district of the Lower Shabelle region due to the devastating drought. I have witnessed several droughts and famine-like conditions throughout my life; however, this is the worst I have seen so far, it has not only impacted our lives but also destroyed our means of survival,’’ says Adan.

"We can’t survive a fifth failed rainy season"

Somalia is currently experiencing country-wide drought conditions that are affecting most of the population with the potential to develop into a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale that has not been witnessed since 2011. The severity of the food insecurity situation has rapidly worsened since the start of the dry season in January 2022.

Intensifying drought has caused acute water shortages, loss of livestock essential to pastoral and agro-pastoral livelihood systems, and escalated staple food prices, exacerbated by the ongoing conflict and global supply shocks.

The cash transfer enabled me to build this makeshift shelter which is a safe place for my wife and children.

Adan Sheikh Hassan, 72-year-old father

“Upon my arrival to Mogadishu, the first few days were particularly challenging to find shelter. However, I was fortunate to have a space in this camp. With nothing to build a house, DRC arrived at the right time with the right intervention. They provided us with sim cards to facilitate the cash transfers to help us cope with the devastating drought. We are grateful to you for that,’’ Adan adds.

"Once I passed the selection criteria and the verification process, I received $100 to cover for my basic needs. The cash transfer enabled me to build this makeshift shelter which is a safe place for my wife and children.’’ Adan concludes.

Adan Somalia 2

Adan narrates how the emergency lifesaving Multipurpose Cash Assistance impacted his life.

Photo: DRC

DRC Somalia commenced the emergency lifesaving assistance in Galkayo, Banadir and Gedo regions through the provision of multi-purpose cash to meet acute humanitarian needs. The targeted areas are categorized as hard-to-reach due to limited humanitarian partner capacity, presence of non-state armed actors and medium to high access constraints.

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