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Record revenue - on a sad background


The Danish Refugee Council is reporting a record revenue of 2.9 billion - on a sad background.

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Migration Policy is Not Working, says coalition of NGOs on the eve of EU Council Meeting on Migration


As EU Ministers gather to take new steps on the Migration Partnership Framework – a policy agreed a year ago in response to increased migration to Europe - 18 civil society organisations, including Save the Children, Care Inter...

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Searching for solutions as more South Sudanese refugees arrive every day


South Sudan faces a humanitarian disaster fuelled by three and a half years of civil war. In February 2017, famine was declared in one part of the country, with 5 million people facing extreme food insecurity. More than 1 milli...

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Joint solutions is the only answer to the growing numbers of displaced


In light of yet another sad record number of people forced to leave their homes, it is essential that we stand together in the struggle for global, sustainable solutions instead of turning to isolation and makeshift, short-term...

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In Uganda, a small plot of land awaits at the end of the long flight


Uganda has welcomed more than 800,000 refugees from South Sudan. Upon arrival they are allocated a small plot of land. Here, they can build a future for themselves. The Danish Refugee Council assists the people who have sought ...

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Cash is one of the best ways to provide emergency relief


In a crisis, the most effective way to distribute relief is to give families cash so they can then spend, as best suits their needs. Research shows that cash assistance can often provide more emergency relief for fewer funds. I...

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Hunger forces 615,000 Somalis to leave home in search for help


In several East African countries the critical humanitarian situation continues. Despite massive efforts from the UN and organizations such as the Danish Refugee Council, more people are at risk of hunger every day.

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Still a teenager but like a ‘mother’ to her siblings


17-year-old Gloria Affia fled to Uganda from South Sudan after her uncle was killed. She and her two siblings aged 12 and four had to flee on foot. She is now their sole guardian making it vital to find a way to provide for the...

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Danish Refugee Council seeks new Secretary General


After 38 years at the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm will be leaving the organisation at the end of October 2017.

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International community must reconfirm support for Syrian displaced and host countries


The international community must stand on the side of the Syrian civilians. This is the message of the Danish Refugee Council, which is one of the largest international organizations working both inside Syria and in the neighb...