Donations page temporarily suspended

The Danish Refugee Council has temporarily suspended the option of donating online via the website,, after the organization detected an attack by hackers on the website.


DRC has immediately taken steps to inform the relevant data authorities in Denmark as well as the local police. It is estimated that some 90 people may have been affected - everyone has been contacted by DRC directly. So far there is no sign that any money has been lost, or that personal information has been misused.

“We are incredible sorry to learn that we have been attacked in this way and that personal information may have landed in wrong hands. Hackers are constantly getting better at what they do, and we do everything we can to secure our website even better in the future”, says Claes Amundsen, Director of Communication and Fundraising at the Danish Refugee Council. He emphasizes that it is still possible to support the organization via bank transfer, and he hopes the option to donate online will quickly be restored.