59.5 million are now displaced worldwide

New figures from UNCHR, the United Nation’s Refugee Organization, show that there are nearly 60 million displaced people around the world. The figure has gone up from 51.2 million the year before. This is the largest increase ever in a single year. According to the Danish Refugee Council, the figures show a long-term trend and are expected to increase in the years to come.

"The new figures are as feared, but unfortunately also as expected. We live in a world of increasingly violent conflicts, and it forces many people to flee their homes every single day. The most terrible thing is that it does not seem to stop. All trends look as though this is going in the wrong direction," said Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm.

In 2014, 42,500 people were forced to flee their home every day. That is four times as many as just four years ago. The total number of displaced people has increased by 20 million over the past 10 years.

"This requires global solutions. It is impossible for a single country to solve this crisis alone. And unfortunately we see a trend where many countries are becoming increasingly isolationist on this issue, while the neighboring countries to the wars and conflicts are often bearing the heaviest burdens. The refugee crisis is an international problem and we also have to solve it internationally," says Andreas Kamm.

The number 59.5 million displaced covers over 19.5 million refugees, 38.2 million internally displaced persons and 1.8 million asylum seekers. Additionally, half of the worlds displaced are children.

"In the past decade, the length of the average refugee crisis has been doubled, and people are now forced to live up to 20 years as refugees. If you add that on top of the new figures of almost 60 million refugees, then it is obvious that the world is faced with a huge challenge, which we have to address. Furthermore, everything we know points towards the unfortunate fact that the numbers just will rise in the future," says Andreas Kamm.

Read the full report on the UNHCR website

The Danish Refugee Council is a leading humanitarian organization working in war zones and fragile states around the world, where more than 90% of the world's displaced persons are living. The Danish Refugee Council works in 36 countries and has 6,000 local and international staff, which annually provides emergency assistance, mine clearance and long-term solutions to more than 2.5 million refugees and displaced persons in countries like Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.