Foto: Klaus Bo Christensen
Photo: Klaus Bo Christensen

Record year for the Danish Refugee Council

With more than 60 million refugees worldwide the Danish Refugee Council has seen a great increase in its workload and has been busier than ever.


The year 2015 was a year defined by grave records relating to refugees. With the greatest number of refugees and displaced persons since the Second World War, the Danish Refugee Council has seen a great increase in workload both domestically in Denmark and internationally in the approximately 40 countries, where the organization works. The Danish refugee Council has never before in its history been so busy, and this is reflected in a turnover of more than 2.6 billion Danish Kroner.

- It is on a very sad background, that the Danish Refugee Council has generated the biggest turnover yet. There are more than 60 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide and the great majority of them are in some of the world’s poorest and most unstable countries, where the need for aid is tremendous. This is where the Danish Refugee Council performs most of our work and despite the record turnover the need is ever greater, says Secretary General Andreas Kamm.

The accounts for 2015 are published in the organization’s annual report.  By far greatest part of the turnover is spent on emergency aid and sustainable solutions in conflict affected areas. The Danish Refugee Council works in around 40 countries and assists more than 2,5 million refugees a year.

Several times in 2015 UNHCR has asked the Danish Refugee Council to assist in acute developing crises. One of these occurrences was the refugee crisis following the unrest in Burundi in the spring of 2015. More than 200.000 fled the small country and the Danish Refugee Council quickly established three camps in neighboring Tanzania.

- We are very proud to be one of the UN’s preferred partners and we work hard every day to live up to this trust, so we can provide aid too as many displaced as possible. Unfortunately needs are greater than ever before in our organization’s history, Andreas Kamm says.

The Syrian refugee crisis remains a central priority for the Danish Refugee Council in 2015. The organization is the largest, international organization working inside Syria and also has large operations in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. But also an expansion of current operations and opening of new operations in Europe has added to the workload.

- We have been extraordinarily busy in the last year. From our work with refugees in the war and crisis affected countries to the work with asylum seekers and refugees in Denmark. a positive development has been, that we have never before seen so many volunteers willing to help refugees in Denmark. But concurrently the need has never been greater, says Andreas Kamm.

The Danish Refugee Council solves numerous tasks for the Danish authorities from impartial legal counselling in the asylum process and counselling about repatriation to the home countries of refugees and immigrants. The organization also assists many Danish municipalities with the integration process and is the largest provider of Danish language education across  the country. Furthermore around 7.500 DRC volunteers help to welcome new citizens.

Read the entire report here.