Another 5 million internally displaced in 2014

The record-high number of displaced across the globe continues to raise – a new report shows that the number of internally displaced increased with almost 5 million people in 2014 bringing the total to 38 million. The increase is closely linked to major crises in countries like Syria, Iraq, CAR and South Sudan. The lack of balance between humanitarian needs and available resources is alarming and the international community needs to take responsibility, says DRC.

A new report from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) shows an increase of 5 million displaced worldwide in 2014 bringing the total to 38 million.

“The dramatic raise in the number of internally displaced people and the continuing flows of refugees will potentially bring the total number of displaced to a record high 60 million people. This is no surprise to DRC and other humanitarian actors operational in countries like Syria, Iraq, CAR, Ukraine, Congo and South Sudan, yet we are confronted with a serious challenge and the international community is bound to act,” says secretary general for the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm.

Fragile and unstable states defined by the lack of functioning civil society, limited or no government control  and a vicious circle of war, persecution, food insecurity and poverty continues to produce displacement and global climate change is an increasingly central push-factor as well.

“We are facing an increasing unbalance between available resources and humanitarian needs – the UN has estimated the global humanitarian needs at 17 billion USD only 52% of which is financed. That is the lowest percentage to date and this is an alarming development,” says Andreas Kamm.