© Sisse Stroyer
© Sisse Stroyer

Danes show massive support to the world's refugees

Up to 18,000 Danes was out on the streets yesterday collecting money for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. Refugees in countries such as Syria and South Sudan can now benefit from the 20 million Danish kroner (2,8 million €) that was collected. This is the best result of a DRC national collection in 16 years.

- We are overwhelmed and grateful for the great Danish support for refugees around the world. We will manage the collected money with the utmost care and are very humbled by Danish population's willingness to help,  says Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, Andreas Kamm, who is now in Jordan. He continues:

- Yesterday I met a Syrian refugee family with eight children. They have lived in Jordan for more than three years now and have no winter clothes or insulation of their small, dark room. The father told me that he felt that his life was about to end - and he was so sorry not to be able to create a future for his children. It is families like this, we can help with the money the Danes donated yesterday.

The collection is not totally at an end yet. People can still donate money via SMS, giro or MobilePay.

For more information about the collection see vi-er-der.dk (in Danish) or please contact our Press Team at [email protected]