Foto: Søren Viskum Lytken Larsen / Dansk Flygtningehjælp

Danish Foreign Minister opens new community centre in Turkey

The Danish Foreign Minister Mr. Kristian Jensen has opened the newest of the four community centres run by the Danish Refugee Council in Turkey. The centre is funded by DG European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO).


The Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen started off the day with good news, when he visited the southern Turkish city Kahramanmaras on Tuesday. In a speech held in front a brand new community centre run by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and funded by ECHO, the Foreign Minister pledged more support in the form of an additional 13.5 million Euros in support of Syrian Refugees and the local, Turkish host communities, who are making great efforts in assisting the refugees. 

One of the organizations, who will benefit from the extra millions allocated to the refugee response in Turkey, is the Danish Refugee Council. 

In his speech, Kristian Jensen thanked the Turkish government for its hosting of more than 2.7 million Syrian refugees, saying Denmark is always there to "support through direct assistance and through NGOs like DRC". 

The Foreign Minister was accompanied on the visit by the Secretary General of the DRC, Andreas Kamm, and the two joined forced in cutting the red ribbon and declaring the community centre for open. The center is funded by ECHO.

In connection to the opening Andreas Kamm said: "Our top priority is to provide essential support to both the refugee and Turkish host community."

"We want to provide our beneficiaries all the support they deserve. We are here because DRC believes in providing aid to those who need it, wherever they are".

After the cutting of the red ribbon the Foreign Minister was shown around the new community centre and spoke to both DRC staff and some of the Syrian refugees, who will benefit from the centre. One of the main focuses will be on providing livelihood assistance and vocational training for refugees, so they will have better access to work and to support themselves and their families. 

DRC has been operating in Turkey for more than five years now, providing both humanitarian aid to Syrian refugees and strengthening the resilience of the Turkish people. In 2015, DRC focused on protection, livelihood programmes and distributions through e-vouchers and in kind material. The community centre in Kahramanmaras is the fourth run by the Danish Refugee Council in Turkey.