Danish Refugee Council statements on protracted displacement

As part of an expert panel at the European Parliament, in a hearing with the Development and Foreign Affairs Committees the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Brussels representative, Birte Hald addressed the issue protracted forced displacement.


The invitation reflects an increased and much needed attention to a complex global challenge. 

“The hearing is of course a clear and positive indication of the will to address this complex challenge at the EU level and I was pleased to share DRC positions. Global leadership and sharing responsibility is a precondition in responding to the growing number of protracted forced displacement scenarios,” says Birte Hald.

The four key points delivered by Birte Hald at the hearing:

  • DRC  welcome the growing understanding of the need to recraft development instruments to address protracted forced displacement.
  • DRC call upon the Global Compact on Migration and encourage the EU to commit and engage in this, demonstrating Global leadership.
  • DRC encourage more efforts be dedicated to strengthening data collection and information management to ensure evidence based, and not anecdotal, reports on migration and forced displacement and to document solutions achievements.
  • Planning for the future in conflict torn countries should start immediately, and go hand-in-hand with the efforts to provide a political solution. 

Read full version of DRC statements here