© Jesper Guhle
© Jesper Guhle

DRC statement to the WHS Global Consultations

Read the full statement given by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) Global Consultations,14-16 October 2015 in Geneva.

Danish Refugee Council (DRC) would like to commend the efforts taken by the WHS Secretariat to capture the volume of discussions and recommendations engendered through the consultations, submissions and online fora under the WHS in the synthesis report for the Global Consultations.

At this important juncture in the WHS process, DRC welcomes the synthesis report for its recognition that political action is imperative in addressing suffering from conflicts. There is an urgent need for political solutions to conflicts to take precedence in reflections on how the humanitarian community best can serve people in need.

Political commitment is an absolute precondition to ending conflict induced displacement. In a world where increasing numbers of people are displaced for longer periods, even greater emphasis must be placed on finding political solutions to the crises that continue to drive people from their homes. Only once we stem the conflicts that give rise to people fleeing will we see a decrease in the ever-larger numbers of displaced.

Solutions to displacement require firm political commitment by states, non-state actors and duty bearers. An expanded skillset among humanitarian actors, new funding support mechanisms and an adherence to key principles of humanitarian action alone cannot replace the primary role of the duty bearer in creating an enabling environment for solutions.

In this vein, it is imperative that solutions are obtained on a foundation of strong partnerships. Partnerships are central to achieving solutions, including new partnerships across the traditional humanitarian-development divide. We must strive to think anew in our existing partnerships as well as seek out new partnerships. We must recognise that we stand stronger on a foundation of collaboration and cooperation.

DRC strongly hopes the Global Consultations in Geneva and the process leading up to the WHS Summit in Istanbul in 2016 will serve as an opportunity to commit to finding political solutions to the displacement situations we face today. In this regard, the unique position that duty bearers hold in the context of solutions must be remembered. To echo the statement made by the Under-Secretary General Stephen O’Brien earlier this year, “Humanitarian action cannot be a substitute for political action”

Download the statement here (PDF 96 KB)