DRC/DDG Horn of Africa and Yemen Annual Report 2015

The DRC/DDG Horn of Africa and Yemen (HoAY) regional office is pleased to present its 2015 Annual Report which provides insight into the programmatic work carried out in the country offices, achievement and lessons learnt across the region as well as strategic focus for 2016.


Throughout 2015, the region remained volatile and challenging as ever, particularly as the crisis in Yemen produced new waves of Yemeni refugees, Somali returnees and third country nationals fleeing the violent conflict in Yemen to Djibouti, Somaliland/Somalia and beyond. Despite this, DRC/DDG continued to work systematically, both programmatically as well as from an advocacy perspective in order to address these crises and continue to champion solutions for displacement-affected populations in the region.

The regional footprint of the HoAY grew considerably in the past year with the Djibouti programme becoming formally operational in March followed by the incorporation of Uganda as part of the cross border regional response on the South Sudan crisis.

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