DRC/DDG MENA Annual Report 2015

The Danish Refugee Council and Danish Demining Group MENA Annual Report 2015 summarizes key achievements in the seven countries it operates in.

It showcases strategic planning and integrated emergency response programs, livelihood, protection, armed violence reduction and mine risk awareness work the DRC and DDG staff undertook in 2015, usually in close partnership with local government and non-government partners in the country of focus.

In the foreword, DRC-MENA Director Peter Klansoe details a concerning erosion in the quality of life displacement-affected people are experiencing in the region, calling for a new approach by the international community, including Syria’s neighbors; one which offers hope, safety and dignity to the millions of refugees, and provides a chance for refugees to contribute to the societies economies of their hosts.

Throughout 2015, DRC and DDG MENA operations had to carefully strategize its responses in a region that stood at the epicenter of the world’s global displacement crisis. At the beginning of 2015, Syria was the world’s largest producer of both internally displaced people (7.6 million) and refugees (3.88 million). Over 4.1 million people were also displaced from Iraq, and some 309,000 newly displaced within Libya.

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