International effort for refugees and internally displaced people in regions of origin

Many people are talking about assistance in regions of origin. The Danish Refugee Council does it because, we are there. Therefore we also have positions on this. Read more about the Danish Refugee Council positions here.

The number of people fleeing war and conflict is at a historically high level. 60 million individuals are displaced, 95% of whom are displaced in their respective region of origin.

On average, a refugee or internally displaced person (IDP) spends more than 17 years in displacement. The international community’s aid contribution has been inadequate and does not meet the most basic needs of refugees, displaced persons, and hosting populations.

Assistance programmes responding to forced displacement is primarily financed by humanitarian funding mechanisms and is not supported by development aid. Consequently, many neighboring countries hosting refugees are overstretched and on the verge of collapse.

There is a pressing need to rethink international aid so that it addresses forced displacement to a greater extent than is the case today.

Read the full position paper here