Violence South Sudan

The resent violence in the capital of Juba and instability in other areas of the country generates additional displacement and raises concern for the people in South Sudan. Danish Refugee Council has initiated a partial evacuation of staff, but continues to offer humanitarian assistance to the displaced population.


The security situation deteriorated significantly during last weekend, with heavy fighting in Juba between government and opposition forces. This led to casualties and displacement around the capital and raised fears that more widespread violence might occur in the country. Despite an agreed ceasefire, the situation remains volatile.

In response to the situation, DRC has initiated a partial evacuation of staff mainly for the office in Juba and is closely monitoring developments to ensure the safety of our staff. 

DRC is able to continue operations in both Unity and Upper Nile State with few non-essential activities having been scaled down. DRC has the capacity to assist the increasing number of displaced arriving to the bases in the two State, but is not able to offer assistance to the newly displaced and affected people in Juba. DRC operations in the neighbouring countries are also continuing their provision of assistance to South Sudanese refugees arriving at their borders.