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Iraq photo essay 16

Photo essay: Seeking refuge in a country at war


Almost 250.000 Syrians have sought refuge in neigbouring Iraq, which is also at war. Life for most refugees in Iraq is one of inactivity and waiting, hoping for a change which does not seem to come.

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It takes more – think long term!

The Danish government will soon adopt a new development strategy. As Denmark's largest humanitarian organization, the Danish Refugee Council believes it is crucial to maintain focus on those displacement problems with which the...


Danish Refugee Council expands to mainland Greece

The European Commission has today released more than 80 million euros for humanitarian assistance in Greece. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) will receive 8 million of these, and the organization can now expand operations in Gr...

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Life in the cracks: a photo journey of survival in Lebanon

Portraits of displaced Syrians trying to maintain a sense of dignity in daily life across Lebanon.

Photo Essay Migrants In Prison

Yemen: Ceasefire must hold or thousands more will die

The agreed cessation of hostilities in Yemen, beginning today, comes at a crucial moment when an entire country is on the brink. Humanitarian agencies warned today that should the ceasefire break down again, as previous ones di...

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DRC concerned about returns from Greece to Turkey

Returns from Greece to Turkey began today, in accordance with the EU-Turkey agreements of March 18. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) expressed concerns about the premature nature of the returns and not least whether all procedu...

Yemen Fact Sheet (1)

Yemen: After a year of war, the world must no longer ignore the human suffering

More than 80 percent of the population of Yemen has been severely affected by the ongoing and brutal armed conflict that further escalated one year ago.

Photo Essay -Hygiene Education Sessions At School

Photo essay: Helping the people of Yemen caught in war

In March 2015, Yemen’s political and social instability escalated into a nationwide conflict, which until this day, continues to affect its entire population. This photo essay highlights the work being done by the Danish Refuge...

Two national employees have lost their lives in South Sudan

Danish Refugee Council’s demining unit, Danish Demining Group (DDG), has lost two national employees in South Sudan.

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EU border closures worsen humanitarian crisis with people used as bargaining chips

A decision to shift the EU’s responsibility for refugees to Turkey would see the bloc bargaining its core values and abandoning fundamental legal obligations. Such a decision, which leaders may make this week, would set a dange...