Third anniversary of the EU-Turkey Statement: Out of sight, out of mind


On the occasion of the third anniversary of the EU-Turkey Statement, NGOs including the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) reiterate the need for a change in policies and practices that trap refugees and migrants in the Greek hotspot...

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Brussels Syria conference: Syrians don’t need handouts, they need to rebuild their lives


Oxfam and the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) today called on governments and other donors to provide more funding to help Syrians recover from eight years of conflict and rebuild their lives. The international agencies also call...

Afghanistan -refugees

Returns lead to depression and dreams of re-migration among Afghans


Depression, anxiety, isolation and stress. It is not easy to return to a country plagued by decades of conflict. And according to a new report by the Danish Refugee Council’s Mixed Migration Centre, psychological hardships make...

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Statement at the Yemen pledging conference


Statement delivered by Christian Friis Bach, Secretary General at the Danish Refugee Council, at the Yemen pledging conference in Geneva, February 26:

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DRC among top-three of world’s best NGO’s


Once again the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is ranked third best NGO in the world on NGO Advisor’s recently published annual list. Thus, Denmark's largest humanitarian NGO retains its position from last year, and for six consec...


Timely and predictable European arrangements for disembarkation


Since January 2018, at least 2,500 women, children and men have drowned in the Mediterranean, and several NGO rescue boats and their passengers been forced to endure up to several weeks stranded at sea without permission to dis...

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After four years of conflict, millions of Yemenis are pushed to the brink of famine


As we enter 2019 and almost four years since the start of the war, Yemen continues to be torn apart by conflict, diminished purchasing power, currency fluctuations, collapsing public services, grave violations against children,...


Despite being displaced Maryan turns over a new leaf


Despite the good efforts by humanitarian actors to provide assistance in response to the harsh drought in Somalia in 2017, a lot of displaced families were still lacking food in 2018. DRC provided life-saving cash assistance to...


The Global Compact on Refugees is a positive step toward a better refugee response


International Rescue Committee, Oxfam, Save the Children, Norwegian Refugee Council and Danish Refugee Council welcome the affirmation of the Global Compact on Refugees today. The Compact has the potential to provide better pro...


EU Humanitarian Aid project benefits 350,000 refugees and hosts in Uganda


An EU Humanitarian Aid funded project led by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Uganda comes to an end this December having benefitted 350,000 refugees and members of the host community.