Alleppo destroyed school

Aid Agencies Call on World Powers to Avoid a Humanitarian Catastrophe in Idlib


Millions of civilians trapped in Idlib face the prospect of the greatest humanitarian catastrophe in Syria’s seven-year war, should there be a major military escalation in the country’s North West. Eight leading aid agencies ar...

CFB i Coxs Bazar 2018

Christian Friis Bach in Cox’s Bazar: “we must do more to give the Rohingya refugees a life in dignity”


A year has gone since hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas were forced to leave their homes after violence broke out in Myanmar. They sought refuge in neighboring Bangladesh leading to the establishment of the largest refugee cam...


One Year On: Meaningful progress needed to end impunity, discrimination and segregation in Rakhine State


As the UN Security Council meets in New York to mark one year since nearly 700,000 Rohingya refugees fled to neighboring Bangladesh, International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) working in Myanmar say 600,000 Rohingya s...

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DRC Introduces New Leading Think Tank on Mixed Migration


Population movements are becoming more and more complex. There is rarely one reason to why people feel forced to leave their home, but the paths they take and obstacles they meet are often the same. As an international human ri...

Ymen Closure Of Airport

NGOs in Yemen condemn horrific attacks in Sa’ada


International non-government organisations (INGOs) in Yemen strongly condemn horrific Coalition airstrikes on a bus transporting school children in Yemen yesterday. This bombing follows an unacceptable trend of attacks on civil...

Nyakuon _Nguenyyiel _Camp

A Tiresome Flight to Safety


With more than 96,000 people, Nguenyyiel in Western Ethiopia is one of the camps for refugees fleeing the horrific civil war in South Sudan. Sarah and Nyakuon made the journey to safety - but with much hardship on their way.

Syrian Children

Syrian refugees need help with mental traumas


More than half of the Syrian refugees living in Lebanon need support to tackle their psychological problems and mental traumas. However, only one in four receives the assistance needed, according to a new report from Dignity an...

Piger Løber Fra Regn Coxs Bazar

Monsoon causing havoc in the largest refugee camp in the world


The monsoon is raging in Bangladesh where the largest refugee camp in the world is located. It is home to around one million Rohingya people, a persecuted minority. Families that have already lost everything they had are now at...

At Drc Reception Centre In Rhino Camp A Group Of Dinka From South Sudan Are Waiting To Be Resettled 22 (1)

Funding gaps threaten critical aid for refugees in Uganda


Joint statement by 25 international NGOs in Uganda on the need for urgent action to address gaps in funding for the refugee response.

Ymen Closure Of Airport

Statement on the Yemen situation


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) continues the deliver assistance to affected communities despite security challenges and sustained access constraints.