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Contact us

Volunteer department

Abbas 69X104

Abbas Poya

Field Officer, Kabul

[email protected]
Adrien Linkedin BW

Adrien Bory

Project Coordinator, Durable Solutions

[email protected]
Alexandra Singpiel (2) (1)

Alexandra Singpiel

DEMAC Co-coordinator

[email protected]
Profilbillede Web (1)

Anders Pedersen

Juridisk konsulent, Nordjylland og Århus

+45 28351971 [email protected]
Anders 70X93

Anders Knudsen

Special Advisor

[email protected]
AC Web

Anne Cathrine Lausten

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Hovedstaden

+45 20422115 [email protected]
Annemettebarford DRC 032

Anne Mette Barfod

Executive Director, Finance, Supply Chain & Risk

[email protected]

Anne-Kristine Moody Jakobsen

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Aarhus og Midtjylland

+45 60268111 [email protected]
Annettespanggaard DRC 131

Annette Spanggaard

Executive Director, Communication & Private Fundraising

[email protected]
Ann Sofie Quist Web

Ann-Sofie Quist

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Nordjylland

+45 26776459 [email protected]

Astrid Boddum Kristiansen

Praktikant, Aarhus

+45 28905012 [email protected]
Avin Web

Avin Mesbah

Projektkonsulent, DRC Fritidsindsats

+45 26110622 [email protected]
Beatrice Bw

Beatrice Mauconduit

Project Coordinator, ADIP

[email protected]

Bente Bækgaard

Konsulent, dokumentation, kurser og kommunikation

+45 33735243 [email protected]
DRC Integration Caroline Aagaard Madsen

Caroline Aagaard Madsen

Afdelingsleder, Børn & Familie

+45 26778807 [email protected]

Charlotte Brown

Student Assistant & MEAL Intern

[email protected]
Linkedin Profil Billede

Charlotte Nielsen


[email protected]

Charlotte Tang Søndergaard

Student, Odense

+45 52192181 [email protected]

Christian Jacob Hansen

Head of Division for Africa & Americas

[email protected]
Claes P Web

Claes Plambech

Konsulent, digital udvikling og kommunikation

+45 22886833 [email protected]
Elfi Bw

Elfi Thrane Bemelmans

Project Officer, DiPS

[email protected]
Else Web

Else Tersgov

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Syddanmark

+45 22228165 [email protected]
DRC Integration Else Marie Profilfoto

Else-Marie Ringgaard

Udviklingschef, Viden & Udvikling

+45 28119669 [email protected]

Emilie Brøndum Reeh

Student, Hovedstaden

+45 35368067 [email protected]
Eva Singer Pressphoto

Eva Singer

Director, Asylum

[email protected]

Frederikke Thorning Jacobsen

Projektkonsulent, DRC Fritidsindsats

+45 60268055 [email protected]

Frida Kaae

Student, Hovedstaden

+45 35368067 [email protected]
Gretel Headshot Bw 01.10.2020

Gretel Ana Martín Araya

Project Officer

[email protected]

Hanne Bilde

Fungerende chef, Beskæftigelse

+45 28900822 [email protected]
Hansbo Web

Hans Bo Pedersen

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Midtjylland

+45 40911951 [email protected]
Photo Helena B. Christensen (1)

Helena Brønserud Christensen

Civil Society Partnership Compliance Coordinator

[email protected]
Helle Hørup Web

Helle Hørup

Projektkoordinator, Leg og Læring

+45 26118099 [email protected]
Jacobmidtgaard Web

Jacob Midtgaard

Udviklingschef, Frivillig

+45 28905320 [email protected]

Jette Thulin

Konsulent, Viden og Udvikling, Integration

+45 26302278 [email protected]
DRC Integration Profilfoto Karin Tilsted

Karin Tilsted


+45 26302274 [email protected]

Katrine Kanneworf


+45 26770164 [email protected]
DRC Integration Kenneth Flex Direktør

Kenneth Flex

Direktør, Integration

+45 3373 5180 [email protected]
Khadija Bw 2

Khadija Ahmed

Administrative Grants Coordinator

[email protected]

Kia Khatibi

Student, Fritidspuljen

+45 26110622 [email protected]
Kimie Web Alt

Kimie Grønvall

Projektkonsulent, Madfællesskaber

+45 26798005 [email protected]

Kirstine Fjordbak-Trier

Projektkonsulent, Ny mor i Danmark

+45 40636411 [email protected]
Kristina Munch Ny

Kristina Munch Larsen

Projektkoordinator, DRC Fritidsindsats

+45 28906056 [email protected]
Kristine Bjerre Web

Kristine Bjerre

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Sjælland

+45 23619961 [email protected]

Lars Bru Jørgensen

Programme and Operations Coordinator - Colombia

lars.joergen[email protected]

Laura Skifter Andersen

Student, Aarhus, Midt- og Nordjylland

+45 26118039 [email protected]
Line Miller Web

Line Miller Sukrow

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Aarhus og omegn

[email protected]
Trappehave Web

Line Trappehave Nielsen

Juridisk konsulent, Syddanmark og Midtjylland

+45 28100061 [email protected]
Lise Hauge Web

Lise Hauge

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Hovedstaden

+45 26775344 [email protected]
Lone Tinor Centi Pressphoto

Lone Tinor-Centi

Chef, Frivillig

+45 40180632 [email protected]
Madssørensen DRC 090

Mads Egeskov Sørensen

Executive Director, People & Organisation

[email protected]
Madsteddrudjensen Integration Cuf

Mads Ted Drud-Jensen


+45 33735357 [email protected]
Maina Headshot Bw06.10.20.Jpeg

Maina Abbasi

Project Officer, ADIP

[email protected]
DRC Integration Maja Gammelgaard

Maja Gammelgaard


+45 60202370 [email protected]

Maja Lorentzen

Student, Frivilligbasen og børneattest

+45 60268098 [email protected]

Maria Ersvær

Risk and Compliance Coordinator

+45 33735063 [email protected]

Maria Dyhr Zangenberg

Programme and Operations Coordinator - PPE - Humanitarian Strategic Surge Capacity

[email protected]

Marianne Badstue

Chef, Børn & Familie

+45 22248762 [email protected]
Martin Bw

Martin Wolf Andersen

Project Coordinator, DiPS

[email protected]
Mathilde Nielsen Web

Mathilde Aalborg Nielsen

Projektkonsulent, Bisidderkorps

+45 60268002 [email protected]
Mathilde Kjær Knudsen Web

Mathilde Kjær Knudsen

Student, Leg og Læring

+45 60268068 [email protected]

Mette Blauenfeldt

Chef, Viden & Udvikling

+45 26300772 [email protected]
DRC Integration Profilfoto Mette Fenger

Mette Fenger

Seniorrådgiver, Viden og Udvikling, Integration

+45 60299573 [email protected]
Mette Hovring

Mette Høvring

Projektkonsulent, Venner Viser Vej

+45 60435345 [email protected]
Michelle Kalletoft Web

Michelle Amanda Kallerup Toft

Projektkonsulent, DRC Online

+45 35368067 [email protected]
Mingo Bw

Mingo Heiduk Tetsche

Head of Unit, Civil Society Engagement

[email protected]
Imageonline Co Blackandwhiteimage

Mohamed Ismail Mahamoud

Field Officer, Hargeisa

[email protected]
Monika Bw

Monika Grinschgl

Communications Student Assistant, DEMAC

[email protected]
Morten Dreisler

Morten Dreisler

Afdelingsleder, Beskæftigelse

+45 28870076 [email protected]
Nana Heltberg

Nana Heltberg

Programme and Partnership Advisor

+45 3373 5000 [email protected]
Nila Sorthvid 85X85

Nila F.K. Noori

Project Officer, ADIP (maternity leave)

[email protected]
Nuri Sharashidze Bw

Nuri Sharashidze

DEMAC Project Grant and Finance Officer

[email protected]
Obaidullah Bw

Obaidullah Abdulhaq

Project Officer, Afghan Diaspora Engagement in Europe

[email protected]

Pernille Hesselbjerg

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Odense

+45 28588882 [email protected]

Pia Terslev Johansen

Programme and Operations Coordinator·PPE - Humanitarian Strategic Surge Capacity

[email protected]

Randi Bang Rønning

Fungerence afdelingsleder, Beskæftigelse

+45 28120530 [email protected]
Raphael Bw

Raphaël Capony

DEMAC Coordinator

[email protected]
Rikke Friis

Rikke Friis

Executive Director, Programme, Policy & External Relations

[email protected]
Sanne Kok Web

Sanne Kok

Projektkonsulent, Venner Viser Vej

+45 60268054 [email protected]
Sarah Meléndez Emory

Sarah Meléndez Emory

Administrative Project Support Officer

[email protected]
Simone Skov Mogensen DRC Integration Beskæftigelse 2020

Simone Skov Mogensen


+45 26 77 11 04 [email protected]
Portræt Sine

Sine Hav

Integrationsfaglig seniorrådgiver

+45 3373 5110 [email protected]
Sofia Jarvis

Sofia Jarvis

Interim Project Coordinator, DiPS

+45 33735006 [email protected]
Sofie Bw

Sofie Zayas Teglgaard

Student Assistant, DiPS

[email protected]
Søren Web

Søren Jakobsen

Frivilligfaglig konsulent, Hovedstaden

+45 81260079 [email protected]

Stine Kehlet Andersen

Juridisk konsulent, Hovedstaden og Sjælland

+45 52199542 [email protected]

Susanne Brokmose

Head of Unit, Stand-by Roster -PPE - Humanitarian Strategic Surge Capacity

[email protected]

Tove Madsen


+45 2835 3606 [email protected]

Wafa Omari

Konsulent, Tryghedsopkald

+45 60579702 [email protected]