Although the Danish Return Agency has taken over the task of handling return procedures and also provides counselling to rejected asylum seekers, DRC staff will continue to offer impartial return and reintegration counselling to rejected asylum seekers as well as offer counselling services on legal matters and general guidance on all phases of the asylum procedure.

If your asylum application in Denmark is rejected, you may have a lot of questions, thoughts, and concerns about your situation. We can offer you counselling about returning to your home country or talk about the situation you are in as rejected asylum seeker. The counselling can be about all the practical and emotional issues related to your situation.

The counsellors at DRC have experience with

  • What happens after an asylum claim is rejected and which rules apply
  • Which practical, social and/or financial support there may be available in the country of origin
  • How the person can prepare for his/her return
  • Which thoughts and worries rejected asylum seekers often have

Counselling with us does not necessarily mean that you wish to return, just that you want counselling concerning your situation. The counselling is confidential. DRC does not give any information to the Danish authorities about your thoughts.




+45 3373 5000 [email protected]

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