Background information and country reports

DRC Danish Refugee Council produces reports and background information about the countries where asylum seekers and refugees in Denmark come from. This information helps Danish authorities, lawyers and other relevant actors keep themselves updated.

Some of the most important background information is described in the country reports (based on selected fact-finding missions with the Danish Immigration Service) as well as in our DRC country- and thematic profiles. The DRC country-and thematic profiles are written in Danish and hence, to access the profiles visit our Danish webpage here

The DRC country- and thematic profiles provide a quick overview of the current political situation, asylum related themes in a particular country as well as information about the Danish asylum practice and procedure.

The most recent country reports can be found on this page. Older country reports can be accessed through the webpage of The Danish Immigration Service.

Country reports (DRC and Danish Immigration Service)

External databases

At DRC Danish Refugee Council we also rely on background information from e.g UNHCR, Ecoi, and Edal about the particular countries where asylum seekers and refugees come from. is organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, where asylum and refugee-relevant material from the UNHCR, international organizations, and authorities are gathered. is run by the Austrian Red Cross, which collects and structures relevant background information related to asylum and refugees.

European Database of Asylum Law is a newer, online database of case law concerning 19 EU-Member States and their case law on asylum and refugee issues. In addition, one can find rulings on cases from the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.