Knowledge about repatriation

Thoughts about home - whether it is the country of origin or the former country of residence - are important for the integration process. DRC Danish Refugee Council, therefore, cooperates with partners to find durable solutions for refugees and immigrants in Denmark or their country of origin/country of former residence. We share our knowledge and experience about repatriation by writing reports, newsletters and facilitating workshops.

Workshops about repatriation

DRC Danish Refugee Council facilitates workshops, information meetings, and presentations for caseworkers from the Danish municipalities, organisations, civil society, and others who wish to learn about repatriation. 

Send an e-mail to the DRC Repatriation Team for more information: [email protected]

Newsletters about repatriation

DRC Danish Refugee Council publishes four newsletters annually about Repatriation. The newsletter called "Nyt om at vende hjem" is in Danish. You can subscribe to the newsletter and find previous newsletters here.

DRC Danish Refugee Council Publications

DRC Danish Refugee Council has published reports describing various themes and projects related to repatriation. Most of the reports are in Danish. There is one report in English.  The reports can be downloaded here. 


DRC Danish Refugee Council produces monthly statistics to the Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs on the number of people who repatriate with financial support in accordance with the Danish Act of Repatriation. The statistics are in Danish. Find the statistics for the previous years here.

More information about the Danish Act of Repatriation

Information about the Danish Act of Repatriation, as well as how to reach the DRC Repatriation Team is available here. For Danish speakers visit our webpage here.

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