Civil Society Engagement

We engage and support civil society to have the agency, space and capacity to enable fulfillment of rights of people affected by conflict and displacement.

DRC pursues the goal of a civil society with increased agency, space and capacity to enable fulfillment of rights by people affected by conflict and displacement.

Civil society plays a key role in representing the interests of groups of rights-holders and thereby promotes and channels participation of rights-holders in decision-making and in holding duty-bearers accountable. Civil society organisations also play a crucial role providing services and support in emergencies, towards reaching durable solutions and to addressing root causes of displacement.

DRC recognises diaspora as crucial transnational civil society actors. DRC has since 2010 engaged directly with different diaspora actors to facilitate and strengthen their constructive engagement in countries of origin, transit and residence.

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Case: DRC develops and shares evidence and knowledge on diaspora engagement to amplify diaspora voices at local, national and international level. Under 'Knowledge Sharing' you can find mappings of Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi diaspora groups as well as reports on diaspora as humanitarian actors.

DRC Diaspora Programme's Afghan Conference 2019. Jamil Ghafuri.

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Case: Through our Diaspora Programme (DiPS) we annually grant 2,1 million DKK to support transnational civil society actors for development, relief and rehabilitation projects in their country of origin. Read more about DiPS under 'Our Work'.

Katib Cultural Association.

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More cases to come in 2021: We are currently collecting case studies on DRC's engagement with civil society globally.

VSLA group session, Dollow, Somalia. Axel Fassio / DRC.


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Civil Society Engagement

Civil Society Engagement

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