Advisory Board for Afghan Diaspora Engagement in Europe

Afghan Diaspora Engagement in Europe (ADEE) project is proud to present its Advisory Board.

Welcome to 2021 Advisory Board!

We are extremely delighted to introduce our newly selected Advisory Board members for the Afghan Diaspora Engagement in Europe project.

In this page you will find an introduction of the 12 Advisory Board members. The Terms of Reference (ToR) and regular meeting minutes are also uploaded to this page, in the bottom. 

Rahelah Sidiqi

Mrs. Sidiqi is the founding Director of the Farkhunda Trust for Afghan Women’s Education and one of the core founders of the National Solidarity Programme in Afghanistan. Since 1993, she has worked as a women’s rights activist at the grassroots and policy levels in Afghanistan. She is the former Senior Advisor to the Afghanistan Civil Service Commission and led and developed various reform policies across the civil service machinery of the government at the time. Mrs. Sidiqi is based in the UK.

Ahmad Wesal Zaman

Based in Denmark, Dr. Zaman is a PhD fellow at Roskilde University and Melbourne University investigating the global political dynamics of complex global crises. He holds a master’s degree in Global Studies and International Development studies. He has extensive experience in four distinctive fields – journalism (Los Angeles Times and Dallas Morning News), international development (Oxfam, Danish Refugees Council, UN) private business (several construction and logistic projects for GIZ, GTZ) and academia (Roskilde University, Melbourne University, Maastricht University).

Khan Agha Dawoodzai

Based in Sweden, Mr. Dawoodzai has 25 years of working experience in national and international organizations, including the UN in Afghanistan. Currently working as Executive Director of Bureau for Rights Based Development (BRD), he is based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is also founding member and serves as country leader for Afghanistan of the world’s largest civic movement, “Let’s Do It World”, based in Estonia. Mr. Dawoodzai has a master’s in Public Administration (MPA), and several diplomas from prestigious universities of Europe and the US.

Assiya Majgan Amini

Based in the UK, Mrs. Amini is a PhD researcher, filmmaker, and the co-founder of Afghan Academy International. She has initiated a range of interactive projects and platforms designed to promote peace, education, culture, arts and community cohesion. Using the Academy’s network, she instigated the creation of both the Afghan Council of Britain and the Afghan International Council, bringing different stakeholders together under one umbrella group in support of the Afghan people. As the founder and curator of the first Afghan International Peace Conference and Festival, Assiya has established a multi-media platform and discourse, the content of which is now accessible and archived online. She hopes to pay tribute to the victims of the war with the eventual physical construction of an Afghan Library and Peace Centre in London. She is also involved in other projects.

Asef Hossaini

Based in Germany, Dr. Asef Hossaini has studied Philosophy and Sociology at Kabul University before moving to Germany for his master’s degree in public policy. Dr. Hossaini has been working in media since 2001 in Afghanistan, Germany, and the UK. In parallel with his job as a freelance editor, Hossaini conducted his PhD research in International Conflict Management at Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. Dr. Hossaini is currently working as a researcher and the head of abad e. V. (abad is a member of Verband Afghanischer Organizationen in Deutschland), an Afghan non-profit based in Germany.

Najib Obaid Babakerkhail

Mr. Babakerkhail, the Founder & Director of French Refugee Council – FRC - holds a PhD in Asian-European studies. With more than 10 years of progressive experience in different fields, he retains excellent knowledge of international humanitarian affairs and migration issues from prominent organisations including EASO, ECRE, OHCHR, UNHCR, IOM and the UN Human Rights Council. He has been involved in several high-level panels and conferences on refugees and their dignified integration in the host communities. Mr. Babakerkhail has long been advocating for the rights of refugees and their inclusion in different sectors at the EU Level and has been awarded by prominent international institutes.

Palwasha Shaheed Kakar

Based in Norway, Mrs. Kakar is the former Afghan Deputy Minister for administration and finance of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. Prior to that, she worked as a program manager at Independent Human Rights Office (AIHRC) in the eastern zone. Mrs. Kakar worked as a Social Mobilizer & Trainer for UNICEF, as an Officer in charge of girls’ schools in the eastern zone, as a Coordinator at GTC & DC2 camp, and as a Trainer in the field of Sanitation, Environment Preservation and Health Education at UN. Mrs. Kakar is an active women’s rights activist and is part of the executive committee of the Afghan and Australian association. She has higher education in social sciences from Kabul University.

Ali Eftekhari

Based in Sweden, Mr. Efekhari is a Board member and planning officer at World Hazara Council. He is also the HSF founder and member responsible at Hazara Socialdemokratiska Förening. Mr. Eftekhari is currently completing his higher education at Stockholm University. Mr. Eftekhari is an active Afghan diaspora member in the Swedish socio-political spectrum.


Toba Dehpoor

Based in the Netherlands, Toba Dehpoor is the former vice president of KEIHAN Foundation. Since 2017, she has been actively contributing towards building bridges between the Netherlands and Afghanistan at KEIHAN. Ms. Dehpoor is currently pursuing her higher education next to volunteer work.



Aadilah Amini

Aadilah Amini is the co-founding member of the Association of Afghan Students in Austria (IGASUS). IGASUS was the first Afghan association founded by students. Ms. Amini has conducted research about volunteer work and refugee related matters as a research assistant. She is currently pursuing her higher education, while remaining very active in the Afghan youth engagements.

Yonous Muhammadi

Based in Greece, Mr. Muhammadi is the co-founder and the current president of the Greek Forum of Refugees, a refugee-led organisation. He is also the founder of the Afghan Migrants and Refugee. He was an elected Bureau member of the European Migration Forum in Economic and Social Committee of EU in 2015 and 2016. Mr. Muhammadi is also on the Advisory Panel of Fundamental Rights Platform at the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. Additionally, he is the co-founder and coordinator of the Refugees Ideas and Solution for Europe (RISE). He has earned several awards and recognitions by prominent international institutes.

Mitra Hashemi

Based in Germany, Ms. Hashemi graduated from Gymnasium with high school graduation certificate in 2015. Ever-since, she has been taking the undergraduate course in law (first legal examination) with an integrated bachelor's degree at the University of Potsdam. As President of Baaham: German-Afghan Friendship Society, Ms. Mitra is engaged in a broad range of activities to promote equal rights for women, in particular the empowerment of Afghan women.