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About DiPS

DiPS is a project that, through the DiPS fund and capacity development support, aims to enhance diaspora organization`s capacity to support people in Somalia and Afghanistan that are affected by conflict and displacement.

Diaspora Project Support (DiPS)

DiPS is a Danida-funded project that aims to enhance diaspora organization`s capacity to support people in Somalia and Afghanistan that are affected by conflict and displacement. This is done through; 1) Providing  financial and technical support to diaspora-led projects implemented in Somalia, Afghanistan and neighboring countries through the DiPS Fund; 2) Providing capacity development activities to support  diaspora organizations’ in reaching their ambitions. DiPS has a Governance structure consisting of the elected Somali and Afghan Advisory Boards and appointed Executive Committee. You can read more about the governance structure and roles here.

The DiPS project is one of several initiatives under Danish Refugee Council`s Diaspora Programme which works to support the constructive role of diaspora as transnational civil society actors. Read more about the Diaspora Programme here.

About DiPS
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From Katib Kulturforening's school project in Jaghuri, Afghanistan, funded by DiPS.

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The DiPS Fund

Through the DiPS fund approximately 2.000.000 DKK per year is granted to Danish-based Somali and Afghan diaspora organizations to lead development and rehabilitation projects in their countries of origin or heritage. There are two annual deadlines to apply for funding—May 1st  and November 1st. Applicants can apply for funding under TRACK 1 (up to 150.000) or TRACK 2 (DKK 300.000) for projects lasting up to 12 months. Applications are assessed and selected according to three main criteria; diaspora engagement and contribution, impact, and motivation. DiPS makes an effort to divide the fund proportionally between Afghanistan and Somalia.

Applicants for TRACK 1 funding do not need to have previous experience implementing projects and do not need to be officially registered diaspora organizations at the time of application. To be eligible for TRACK 2 applicants must have a registered organizations in Denmark and show documentation of previous experience managing grants. For TRACK 2 the applicant must also provide 5% own contribution of the total project expenditure.

Read more about the DiPS fund, how to apply, and eligibility criteria for TRACK 1 and TRACK 2 funding here.


Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) Team

Elfi Bw

Elfi Thrane Bemelmans

Project Officer, DiPS

+45 33735050 [email protected]
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Mohamed Ismail Mahamoud

Field Officer, Hargeisa

[email protected]
Sofia Jarvis

Sofia Jarvis

Project Coordinator, DiPS

+45 33735006 [email protected]
Abbasp BW

Abbas Poya

DiPS Field Officer, Kabul

[email protected]
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Matilde Tomasini

Student Assistant

[email protected]

Chee Chang

Administration Assistant

[email protected]

Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) is funded by Danida.