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DiPS Governance

The DiPS governance structure is intended to enhance the transparency, accountability, and quality of DiPS`s work by including perspectives from diaspora representatives and civil society experts in the assessment and selection of DiPS applications and other DiPS processes.

More information about the specific roles and steps during the assessment of DiPS applications can be found here (link to assessment information page).

DiPS Team

The DiPS team is responsible for the implementation, daily running, and decision-making related to DiPS. During the assessment of applications, the team is responsible for the initial review and scoring of the applications. The draft scores take into account the input given by the Advisory Board and CISU at the assessment meetings and are later changed or approved by the Executive Committee (ExComm).

Advisory Boards

The DiPS Advisory Boards include one Afghan and one Somali Advisory Board with five members in each. The current Advisory Board members were elected at the DiPS Annual Grand Meeting on November 21, 2021 and have been elected for a two-year term. The next elections will take place at the Annual Grand Meeting in fall 2023.

The main roles of the DiPS Advisory Boards include:

  • Give advice and inputs to DiPS on applications for DiPS funding submitted by diaspora organizations,
  • Enhance transparency and accountability of DiPS toward the diaspora community, and
  • Provide programmatic inputs and recommendations to DiPS.

During the assessment of applications submitted to DiPS the Advisory Board reads all applications submitted and provides input to DiPS in relation to the assessment criteria. The Advisory Board also participates as an observer in the meeting between ExComm and DiPS where the final scoring and selection of applications is done.

The Advisory Boards have a consultative role only. The decision on which project applications are selected to continue to the project development phase is made by the DiPS Executive Committee (ExComm).

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The Afghan Advisory Board 2022-23

Photo: Jamil Ghafuri

Jamilghafurifotografidrc21 189

The Somali Advisory Board 2022-23

Photo: Jamil Ghafuri

AB members

DiPS Advisory Board Members for 2022 and 2023:

Somali Advisory Board

  • Abdulkadir M. Ga`al
  • Anisa Abdi Isse
  • Dekha Hussein
  • Sahra Abdinassir Mohamed
  • Yassin Osoble

Afghan Advisory Board

  • Fawad Momand
  • Khalid Naseri
  • Maryam Rahimi
  • Zeinab Rahimi
  • Tahmina Salik

CISU (Civilsamfund i Udvikling) Representative

CISU is a Danish association made up of 270+ member organizations engaged in international development work. An advisor from CISU`s civil society funding mechanism participates in the Advisory Board assessment meetings and provides input based on their expertise in Danish and international civil society engagement and development aid.

Executive Committee

The DiPS Executive Committee (ExComm) consists of three experts from DRC`s Civil Society Engagement Unit. The members of ExComm have a range of experience with the context in Somalia and Afghanistan, civil society engagement and localization, and diaspora engagement in development and humanitarian response. 

The ExComm is responsible for reviewing, making changes to, and approving the scores for the applications during the assessment. The ExComm makes the final decision regarding which applications submitted to DiPS will be selected to continue to the project development phase. They may also provide DIPS with advice on changes to assessment criteria or other processes and on project-specific questions when relevant.

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Diaspora Project Support (DiPS)

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