Diaspora refers to a group of migrants, refugees and their descendants who live outside of their country of birth yet still maintain emotional and material ties to that country.

Diaspora actors make vital contributions to humanitarian assistance, recovery and development in their countries of origin, and often form a crucial part of communities’ resilience strategies and first response measures, with an ability to quickly mobilize assistance, channel information, and advocate in times of crisis. Recognising their role as an integral part of the international aid system, we engage with diasporas to strengthen their role in order to improve the overall impact of relief, rehabilitation and development efforts.  
We operate across multiple geographies and thematic areas. 

Advisory Boards 

There are two Advisory Boards to the Diaspora Programme: One for Afghanistan and one for Somalia. Each board consists of seven members and are elected at the Annual Grand Meetings.  


We are one of the founders of DiaGram – a unique network of organisations across Europe: Comic Relief (UK), Danish Refugee Council (DK), Development Fund (NO); Forum Syd (SE), GIZ (DE) that support diaspora engagement in country of origin. DiaGram aims to link policy with practice and research with experience.