DRC Framework on Climate Change and Environment

The Framework on Climate Change and Environment explains DRC's ambitions to respond to climate change and environmental degradation in contexts of forced displacement. It elaborates our ambitions and commitments to tackle the displacement challenges that are already being amplified by climate change, and to mitigate and prepare for those to come.

Climate change is a global phenomenon that “increasingly interacts with the drivers of refugee movements” and disproportionally affects developing countries, which today host 80% of the world’s refugees and displaced persons. People affected by displacement, therefore, need a strong advocate to ensure protection and empowerment of the most marginalised and that they will not be left behind in global climate action. Climate change and environmental degradation can be threat multipliers as climate-related risks may exacerbate conflict dynamics and increase the impact of other drivers of conflict and fragility. Through this framework, DRC is underlining the importance of addressing displacement in the context of climate change as we work to ensure protection of forcibly displaced people.