DRC Global Event 2020 Output Report

In November 2020, the first ever Danish Refugee Council Global Event was delivered. Together with collaborators, speakers, participants, DareDisrupt, colleagues and partners, DRC hosted a one day event, the culmination of an innovation journey, to explore the nexus between climate change, environmental degradation and forced displacement.

How can we put justice and equity at the heart of the climate change debate?

Mary Robinson, The Elders contributing to the DRC Global Event 2020

The Global Event on 25th November 2020 was an exciting and enlightening day, which opened our minds to new possibilities, generated a deeper understanding of the complex agenda of climate and forced displacement and served as a demonstration of the value of forging new partnerships on complex agendas.

DRC Global Event 2020 - The Output Report

Thank you!

We are truly grateful for those of you who joined us in this Global Event journey! The collaborators, speakers, participants, our partners DareDisrupt and the Danish Technical University and our colleagues, including the DRC Global Event ambassadors. Thank you for being open to new perspectives and connections and generous with your knowledge and time. And thank you for supporting an open-sourced journey to explore the nexus between climate change, environmental degradation and forced displacement, to support programming, thinking and practice going forward for stronger more resilient work for people affected by displacement.

The Global Event journey is about provoking, learning, sharing, testing new ways of working and meaningfully engaging with partners and topics that are often in the sidelines or outside of DRC’s usual line of work. This first version of the DRC Global Event has been both challenging and exciting and has opened our minds to new possibilities, deeper understanding and partnerships. Thank you for trusting us and taking part in this explorative pilot initiative.
We are overly excited that this years DRC Global Event was a first with many more to come!

We very much hope that some of you will consider engaging again as we are soon off to starting the DRC Global Event 2021 journey. Stay tuned...


The essence of this journey has been to accept that this day and age is a defining time where we have to embrace transformation... All the collaborators from within and outside of our sector and the DRC ambassadors have been essential in assisting us in the transformation, in helping us develop our thinking to allow us and our fellow humanitarian workers to do the best work we can. We are grateful for this.

Rikke Johannessen, lead moderator of the event and Head of Unit, Programme Innovation and Business Engagement, DRC

Key take aways

The key takeaway for us has been that climate change is no longer a future issue. We need to work now on climate mitigation and adaptation, building on our strengths and engaging in complementary partnerships. It is our responsibility to find ways to mitigate the ecological footprint of our work. And we also have a responsibility to grow climate awareness in our response and protection work. We need to integrate climate and environment thinking and practices into our work with people we support and into our humanitarian programme design, and work with partners that can support this important aim. We were also reminded that DRC is already doing some ground-breaking work, particularly with regenerative practices, that has great potential for addressing the ecological crises our planet is facing and that put an additional burden on people affected by displacement.

The Global Event journey 2020 has demonstrated the potential of inviting different sectors into the humanitarian work and has shown the positive value of bringing people together around a common complex agenda. In order to better understand and address complex issues and predicaments affecting displacement globally, we need to stay open and curious, engage in new conversations and learn from and partner with actors outside of our sector.

We have also learned that we need occasionally to break from the tyranny of the now and
find opportunities and spaces for long-term thinking. This means looking into the future and
seeking to understand what is emerging from the signals we already see today. Without this,
we might lose sight of the problems we work to address, and opportunities and challenges
that the future might bring.