The Refugee Investment Fund

The Refugee Investment Fund (RIF) aims to enable displaced people to become self-reliant and to lead dignified lives.

The Refugee Investment Fund (RIF) is the result of a collaboration between DRC and iGravity, a Swiss firm specialised in impact investment and innovative finance solutions. The RIF will offer patient investments of up to 5 years to local companies and start-ups. These are selected based on their potential to positively impact refugees and host communities.

Why invest? Investments will enable business growth in support of more job creation and better access to relevant services or products. This will improve the financial inclusion of refugees and host communities, allowing them to sustain themselves and live dignified lives.

How does it work? The fund can deploy a range of financing instruments depending on the needs and opportunities of each investee. It will also link investees to supportive eco-systems of relevant partners and provide assistance to support business development and refugee impact.

The fund is launching in Jordan and Uganda, two countries with significant long-term refugee populations, established DRC programming, and a demonstrated need for RIF’s approach.