Are you a professional and have questions about your work with Ukrainians in Denmark?

If you as a professional meet refugees with trauma or other vulnerable refugees, you can get free counseling from the Center for Vulnerable Refugees, which is DRC Danish Refugee Council's knowledge center on integration and rehabilitation. The counseling is targeted at professionals but is open to all. You can call the Center for Vulnerable Refugees on +45 33735339 (Mon-Fri 9AM-4PM) or write your questions to [email protected] and get thorough answers. Closed from July 18th until August 1st.

DRC Integration's Employment Department tailors initiatives that get refugees and other target groups into work, for example through mentorship, job training and targeted guidance.

DRC Integration's Department of Children, Young People and Families has many years of experience in investigating and clarifying which initiatives it makes sense to initiate with the individual citizen or family so that case processing is optimized, and the individual citizen strengthened.

If you are in contact with Ukrainians in Denmark, you can tell them about DRC Danish Refugee Council's psychosocial telephone line where it is possible for Ukrainians in Denmark to call in and have a short conversation with a Ukrainian professional. In their mother tongue, they can be guided in normal reactions under difficult life circumstances, as well as what can be done to strengthen the feeling of safety and resilience in a new life full of upheavals.

A first reassuring conversation, where you are heard and understood, get answers to your questions or simply share your experience of grief and loss, can have a great impact on how a crisis situation is experienced and handled. At the interview, it is possible to arrange a time for a longer, follow-up interview. It is also possible to be examined for three therapeutic interviews as needed.

The psychosocial telephone line can be contacted by telephone: +45 3373 5314. Opening hours: kl. 9AM-10AM and 5PM-6PM (Monday to Friday). Closed in July.