I would like to pick up Ukrainian citizens at the border. Where and how can I offer my help?

If you want to offer to pick up Ukrainian refugees at the border, we encourage you to make a post on the Facebook group 'Ukrainians in Denmark', where you offer your help.

Before you leave to pick up refugees, it is important that you have an agreement on who you will pick up and that you have a plan for what will happen when you return to Denmark. This may, for example, be in the form of having found private accommodation.

Minister of Immigration and Integration Affairs Mattias Tesfaye has, in agreement with the Polish authorities, recommended that you do not drive to the border to pick up refugees from Ukraine without having a concrete agreement with someone to pick up. The Minister of Immigration and Integration Affairs states: “It is very important that emergency aid can arrive, and it is also very important that the people who have concrete agreements to pick up people who are at the border can arrive. Unfortunately, there are too many empty cars and minibuses driving around and filling up and creating more traffic than it is good (…). In addition, it is important to listen to NGOs in Poland, who say that it is primarily women and children who cross the border, and that it does not always increase security that cars drive around where the window is rolled down, and people are encouraged to jump in”. You can find the clip with the Minister of Immigration and Integration Affairs Mattias Tesfaye on DR Nyheder at time code 45:44.