The DRC Standby Roster Recruitment

Recruitment for selected profiles are done on a regular basis to supplement the existing pool of members.

Current Vacancy

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is recruiting candidates with resettlement case work and/or reviewing experience for the UNHCR-DRC Resettlement Deployment Scheme.

The objective of the UNHCR-DRC Resettlement Deployment Scheme is to mobilize qualified and committed resettlement experts and to deploy them according to requests received from UNHCR in a timely and effective manner thereby strengthening the capacity of UNHCR to meet the global needs for resettlement.

We are looking for qualified Resettlement Experts who are ready to work effectively in stressful and potentially hardship environments.

Read more about the position in English here, applications are accepted on an ongoing and rolling basis from 14 January 2022 to 30 November 2022. 

We are in particular, seeking Spanish-speaking candidates with resettlement case work and/or reviewing experience for deployment to Latin America. To apply specifically for membership related to deployments in Latin America, the application is available here.

The DRC Standby Roster manages three specialized rosters and the recruitment process described below is similar for all of them.

There is open for recruitment when there is a need for certain profiles. On a yearly basis data collection and analysis comparing the number of UN requests received for specific technical areas/profiles with the number and profiles of active members in the database is made informing the decisions on what profiles to recruit for.

Any recruitment for the rosters is announced on this page as well as advertised as a vacancy on the DRC homepage.

Process for the Humanitarian Response Roster and Registration Roster: The vacancies are open for 3 weeks, and the recruitment procedure typically takes 3-4 months from beginning to end.

Process for the Resettlement Roster: Applications are accepted on rolling basis from Jan 14 to Nov 30, and applications will be reviewed on a 6-week cycle. The process takes 1-3 months from beginning to end, reference feedback depending.

We do not accept unsolicited applications, but only online applications submitted through the DRC website.
We encourage people from all nationalities to apply.

The application process

Through the DRC online application system (see DRC vacancies), we ask the candidate to upload:

  • An updated CV and/or P11
  • A motivational letter
  • Performance Evaluations from previous employment if possible

Name and contact details for references will be requested later in the recruitment process. 

After review and screening of all applicants, shortlisted candidates may be asked to undertake a written test. Candidates who pass the test (if applicable), will be invited to participate in an online interview where knowledge of the technical area and humanitarian emergency programming as well as more personal topics like the motivation for joining the roster are explored. We may also conduct language checks during the interview.

References provided by the candidate will be contacted by email during the recruitment process.


Specific information regarding recruitment and membership for each roster can be found here



DRC Terms of employment, DRC Code of Conduct and DRC Values

If you have specific interest in reading more about the DRC Terms of Employment for Standby Roster deployees please contact us at [email protected].

The DRC Code of Conduct and DRC's Values can be found here.