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Displacement Situation

Afghanistan has been the scene of recurrent violent conflict for more than four decades. This protracted violence and unrest has left the population deeply impoverished and among the most vulnerable on earth. Today, 90% of the population lives in extreme poverty, typically in fragile situations where they lack access to even the most basic services and protection. The length of the conflict means there have been many waves of displacement in Afghanistan, and re-displacement due to recurring conflict and natural disasters such as drought, compounded by the effects of climate change, is not uncommon. In addition to the estimated four million people in protracted displacement within the country, there are vulnerable groups in need of specialised assistance, including female-headed households and people with disabilities and mental health issues.  

After four decades of conflict, Afghanistan forms the center of a complex migration network involving large and mixed flows of people, each with a unique set of needs: people fleeing the country, refugees returning, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). 

DRC Response 

To meet the complex challenge of supporting Afghanistan’s many internally displaced people, people returning from displacement (from within the country or from abroad), and their host communities, DRC works across several sectors, including humanitarian mine action, protection, emergency response, and economic recovery. Responding to emergency needs remains a priority, with a focus on the most vulnerable people and initiatives promoting successful recovery and increased resilience among the displaced 

DRC is a trusted humanitarian actor in Afghanistan and is the lead partner of the ECHO-funded Emergency Response Mechanism (ERM) Consortium, a collaborative platform for responding to crises in the country.


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