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Djibouti sits at the crossroads of one of the most transited – and increasingly dangerous – migration routes in the world. 73,870 Ethiopian migrants transited through Djibouti between January and November 2021. The situation in Yemen, however, prompts many spontaneous returns along the Eastern Route, with 10,369 returns recorded between January and November 2021.

Returnees report extreme violence at the hand of smugglers, armed groups and government authorities, but also other migrants. Those returning through Djibouti are dropped off the coast of Obock and, in addition to the dangers of travelling by boat, the 50 kilometer journey through the desert often results in loss of lives.

Besides being a migration transit point, Djibouti hosts approximately 34,700 refugees and asylum seekers from Somalia, Ethiopia, and to a smaller extent Yemen.

DRC’s response includes individual protection assistance and livelihood programming.



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Executive Director East Africa & Great Lakes

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Country Director

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