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Displacement Situation

The Humanitarian needs in Sudan continues to grow even after the political transition and the establishment of a new government. Sudan has over 2.5 million internally displaced people and over 1.1 million refugees (OCHA - Sudan Humanitarian Needs Overview 2021) from Ethiopia, South Sudan, Eretria, Central African Republic & Syria. The needs among the Sudanese & migrant population are increasing rapidly, despite the progress made in the transition period and the peace process, the country is faced by an economic crisis exacerbated by COVID-19 restrictions, 2020 flooding, disease outbreaks and the ongoing conflicts and violence in Darfur.

DRC Response 

With over 16 years’ presence in Sudan, DRC has been able to provide support to the people in need in four Sudanese states, extending the programming to Khartoum and along the main migration routes from East Africa. In 2020, DRC began intervention in Southern Kordofan State and launched an emergency response in Gedaref at the early onset of the Tigray crisis (December 2020) for the implementation of projects supporting both Ethiopian refugees and Sudanese host community. While our organisation is particularly well placed to address acute needs resulting from displacement caused by ongoing internal conflict in Central Darfur and Southern Kordofan states, DRC also deepens its engagement with durable solutions programming, focussing on areas of return.

DRC provides sectoral response in the areas of:


  • Protection monitoring and production of protection monitoring reports 
  • Increase access to basic information on protection risks, available services and referral mechanisms
  • Increase access to services through effective referral mechanisms
  • Provision of individual protection assistance and case management 
  • Foster community self-protection capacities through the formation and capacity building of community-based protection networks and community awareness campaigns
  • Provision of individual and group psychosocial support 
  • Set-up multi-purpose spaces for structured protection support 

Shelter & Settlement:

  • Support in recovery from floods through shelter rehabilitation through provision of vouchers and technical support 
  • Distribution of emergency shelter assistance to acute crisis affected households 

Camp coordination and Camp Management:

  • Formal and informal training and mentoring activities delivered to camp management stakeholders
  • Support in the establishment of robust feedback and complaints response mechanism (FCRM) at camp level
  • Support to and roll out of information collection, analysis and dissemination efforts
  • Implement quick improvement projects to engage camp residents and improve camp conditions
  • Increase the safety and dignity of camp settings through small-scale infrastructure projects 

Camp coordination and Camp Management:

  • Support in the development of early warning systems 
  • Engage communities in developing risk reduction mapping and mitigation plans 
  • Mobilize and build the capacity of community DRR committees
  • Support community and local authorities in the development of contingency plans


DRC is grateful to all donors for generous support and continued commitment to our work in Sudan: Danida, ECHO, FCDO, BHA, IcSP, OKF, SDC


James Curtis

Executive Director East Africa & Great Lakes

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Julian Zakrzewski

Country Director

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