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Uganda has historically been welcoming towards refugees and currently hosts an unprecedented number of 1.57 million refugees, mainly from South Sudan and DR Congo. Most refugees are allocated land and have free access to government health and education services, thus avoiding isolated camp settings. Nonetheless, the growing numbers of refugees and limited resources puts pressure on these systems, putting the “Uganda model” at risk.

Despite ongoing border closures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Uganda has continued to receive new arrivals from neighboring countries. In November 2021, at least 11,000 Congolese crossed the border with Uganda overnight to flee fighting in North Kivu. While most of them returned after a short period, such waves of displacement are a regular occurrence as people flee the conflict-hit eastern regions of DR Congo, as well as South Sudan.

In 2021, DRC resumed full access to areas of operation, with a portfolio including protection, cash-based assistance, rural infrastructure and water resource management programmes. DRC expanded cash-based assistance through the Uganda Cash Consortium (see below), which supports people of concern to meet their basic needs. Finally, DRC’s contribution to the development rural infrastructure and water resource management continues to be undertaken through the NURI programme funded by Danida.



James Curtis

Executive Director East Africa & Great Lakes

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Jean Christophe UG

Jean Christophe Saint Esteben

Country Director

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