Diaspora Programme

*The term diaspora refers to migrants, refugees and their descendants who live outside their country of birth or ancestry yet still maintain emotional and material ties to that country.


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Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme facilitates, supports, and enhances the role of diasporas as effective agents of humanitarian assistance, recovery and development.

Learn more about our work, key activities and current projects:

What we do




Who we are

Find out more about the structure of the programme, staff members, and our Advisory Boards.

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Funding for diaspora-led projects

Are you an Afghan or Somali diaspora organization, planning to implement a project in your country of origin? Diaspora Project Support (DiPS) fund might be for you!

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Workshops and trainings

We offer a number of capacity-enhancing events for diaspora organizations and members. See the list of upcoming workshops and trainings, and sign up! 

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Knowledge sharing and resources

Learn more about diaspora engagement from our own and external publications, and access formats and guidelines for potential applicants to the Diaspora Fund under our Diaspora Project Support (DiPS).

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Diaspora Programme

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