Within the DRC Diaspora Programme, capacity building activities are organised with the aim to improve the capacity of diaspora organisations to develop and implement projects that contribute effectively towards relief, rehabilitation and development of their target groups.

The Diaspora Programme offers courses and workshops on topics such as project procurement and sustainability, conflict management, needs assessment, communication and fundraising. We also arrange networking events and cashbook cafés for partner disapora organisations.

Registration: Registration for all seminars/trainings must be done through our online registration forms - links can be found under each activity here.

Cancellations: If you have registered and are unable to attend, please remember to cancel your registration by contacting us at [email protected].

As of March 2014, there will be a fee of DKK 100 for participants who do not show up or who cancel their participation less than 24 hours prior to the training.

We reserve the right to cancel activities with less than eight registered participants. Cancellations will be announced at our website and by e-mail to all registered participants.

Individual counselling: In addition to seminars and trainings, the Diaspora Programme offers Diaspora organsiations individual application counselling. For individual counselling, please contact [email protected].

NB: New Fixed Travel Support Rates 2017

Fixed 2017 rates for support to travel related to DiPS capacity building activities in Copenhagen: DKK500 per participant residing in Jylland and DKK350 per participant residing on Fyn.

The decision to opt for fixed travel support rates as opposed to reimbursing actual costs were made to: (i) ensure that participants choose the most economical means of transportation so that DiPS can support a greater number of participants, and (ii) to reduce paper work for both diaspora members and DiPS.

How to receive travel support: 

Each participant must at the event for which they want to receive support (i) show valid photo ID and 'sygesikringsbevis' (or other official documentation indicating place of residence), (ii) have signed the event registration list, and (iii) provide DiPS or the trainer with bank account details for funds transfer. Failure to comply with any of these criteria may result in DiPS not being able to pay out the funds.