DEMAC is an ECHO funded project that aims at improving diaspora emergency response capacity and coordination with the conventional humanitarian system. The Consortium seeks to explore current intervention methods and organisational capacities of Diaspora organisations as providers of emergency response and humanitarian aid, and improve coordination mechanisms between Diasporas and conventional humanitarian systems.

The Consortium has three implementing partners: the African Foundation for Development (AFFORD) in UK, the Berghof Foundation in Germany, and the Danish Refugee Council in Denmark.

The partners will primarily work with three diasporas engaged in humanitarian aid: the Somali diaspora in Denmark, the Sierra Leonean diaspora in UK and the Syrian diaspora  in Germany. 

The project is based on the knowledge that diasporas are becoming increasingly influential actors in humanitarian crisis, often being the first to provide assistance in ways that differ from that of conventional humanitarian systems. 

DEMAC's three objectives are:

  1. Providing insight into current modalities of diaspora-led emergency response & humanitarian initiatives;
  2. Conducting seminars for diaspora organisations and conventional aid actors to address and reduce identified gaps in knowledge, mutual perceptions and coordination on both sides;
  3. Developing recommendations for improved operational and strategic communications and coordination between diasporas and conventional humanitarian actors.  


For more information please click here for the DEMAC webpage.