Diaspora-led projects (2012 - 2015)

Here you can find all ongoing and completed diaspora projects that have been funded through DRC's Diaspora Programme.

Projects in Afghanistan

Building The Khartizak Village School
Project No.: 12 - Building The Khartizak Village School

Diaspora Organisation: Katib Cultural Association

Local Partner: Community Committee (Khartizak village)

Location: Ghazni

Project Cycle: July 2013 - April 2015

Amount Granted: 352.228,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 62.150,00 DKK

The project's aim is to build the Khartizak Village Scool in Ghazni. The project builds upon an initiative taken five years ago by the local community to create the school. School permission from the local government and thereby salaries for the teachers were obtained, and financing of the school was collected among the local community to buy land for the school.

This initiative has meant that teaching has taken place for some years, but due to lack of funds a school building has not been constructed, which is the aim of this project.


Building Hilalzo Village School
Project No.: 20 - Building Hilalzo Village School

Diaspora Organisation: Afghansk Kulturforening (AKF)

Local Partner: District develop Association (DDA)

Location: Hilalzo, Kunar

Project Cycle: March 2014 - October 2015

Amounted Granted: 347.119,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 79.859,75 DKK

The aim of the project is to build a school for approximately 600 students (209 girls) in Hilalzo, Kunar. Currently, students have no place to study besides in the mosques, under trees and in tents, making it difficult to study when the weather is bad. A building could ensure that students can attend school all year. The government of Afghanistan pays the salaries for teachers and provides books. The school building should additionally be used as training centre for women in e.g. sewing, cleaning and health. 


Resources For Kabul Universitys Pharmacy Faculty Library
Project No.: 29 - Resources for Kabul University's Pharmacy Faculty Library

Diaspora Organisation: Afghan European Pharmacists Association 

Local Partner: Afghan Nationwide Pharmacists Association ANPA

Location: Kabul

Project Cycle: March 2014 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 163.875,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 34.000,00 DK

In collaboration with ANPA the projects aims at expanding Pharmacy Faculty Library of Kabul University by providing financial and educational resources. Currently, the library merely exists of books from around 1970 (before the war in Afghanistan started). The organisation's goal is to transform the library into a modern library with recent literature, books and access to articles. Approximately 450 students will have access to the library at any given time.


Expanding The Water Catchment Resevoir In Jaghori
Project No.: 33 - Expanding the Water Catchment Resevoir in Jaghori

Diaspora Organisation: Katib Cultural Association

Local Partner: Water & Sanitary Committee of Jaghori (WSCJ)

Location: Jaghori, Ghazi

Project Cycle: March 2014 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 308.366,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 50.650,00 DKK

The aim of the project is to expand on a current water-catchment-reservoir in Sang-e-masha since the area lacks water, resulting in unemployed farmers and poor livelihoods. A greater reservoir will increase livelihoods in the area by ensuring clean drinking water to families as well as enough water for farming, which could result in self-sustained families.

Any surplus products, which are being produced, can be sold in a local bazaar creating a surplus for the families. 210 households existing of 1050 people will benefit from a greater water-catchment-reservoir.


Building A Library For Salihi Zeerak High School
Project No.: 48 - Building A Library For Salihi Zeerak High School

Diaspora Organisation: Katib Cultural Association

Local Partner: Local Council and Tawfiq local Branch

Location: Zeerak Jaghori, Afghanistan

Project Cycle: October 2014 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 400.053,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 69.577,00 DKK

The project's aim is to construct a library and culture centre for Salihi Zeerak high school that has 1200 students, both girls and boys, and for the local community of about 500 households. The building will consist of a library, a conference room, two study rooms – one for girls and one for boys, computer lab, small reception and two latrines.

The local community and partner have been working on the project for the past five years and 1200 books have been provided by a diaspora organisation in Sweden and are stored in a room at the school. The project aims to improve the level of education by giving students and teachers access to benefit from the books and study rooms, and the library provides as well the opportunity to hold conferences on social issues that create awareness in the community. 


Improving Science Education At The Faizia Schools
Project No.: 81 - Improving Science Education At The Faizia Schools

Diaspora Organisation: Katib Cultural Association

Local Partner: School Community

Project Location: Jaghuri, Ghazni, Afghanistan

Project Cycle: March 2015 - September 2015

Amount Granted: 56.900,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 9.800,00 DKK

The overall aim of the project is to improve the education within science subjects (chemistry, physics and biology) at the Faizia schools: Lesa Niswan Faizia (girls’ school) and Lesa Zokoor Faizia (boys’ school). In the current situation, the two schools are mainly receiving theoretical teaching. There is no or poor practical teaching, because experiments demand a constant supply of equipment, which is expensive and not readily accessible, and therefore has low priority.

The project will provide IT supplies, such as laptops, projectors, educational CD's as well as teaching lessons for the teachers by an identified IT skilled person. The teachers will be able to teach the students the practical parts of the mentioned subjects through exercises on the computer. Furthermore, the long-term objective of the project is that the enhanced practical teaching will improve the education of science subjects and lead to more students being prepared to enter university.


Alingar Library And Cultural Center
Project No.: 01 - Alingar Library And Cultural Center

Diaspora Organisation: Afghan Cultural Association 

Local Partner: Naeimi Educational Helping Program

Location: Alingar, Laghman

Project Cycle: July 2013 - March 2014

Amount Granted: 364.240,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 65.395,00 DKK

The projects concerns further development of Alingar Library and Cultural Center, which was built through support by Diaspora Programme's Pilot Phase. Based on request from the local community, Afghan Cultural Association wished to equip the Library and Cultural Center with more books, furniture, electricity through solar cells, and internet connection.

In addition, the project includes training in English, math etc., incl. through web based courses held by diaspora members. The Library and Cultural Centre is currently managed by the local partner and will also be so in the future.


Projects in Somalia

Mother Of Mine Midwife Training
Project No.: 05 - Mother of Mine - Midwife Training

Diaspora Organisation: Kaalmo-Denmark

Local Partner: Social Relief Organization (SRO)

Location: Sool/Sanaag

Project Cycle: July 2014 - January 2015

Amount Granted: 241.500,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 42.700,00 DKK

The project builds on a project implemented by the applicant organisation’s sister organisation, Kaalmo-Norway, and aims to provide basic training in midwifery skills to women from different villages in the area. The project has two components:

1. Re-integrate15 women previously trained in midwifery in their home villages, where they will build capacity of other Birth Assistants and assist in deliveries.

2. Training new group of 15 women in midwifery skills.

Extending Water Pipeline In Kalabaid
Project No.: 37 - Extending Water Pipeline In Kalabaid

Diaspora Organisation: Somaliland Mothers Community 

Local Partner: Somaliland People Development Organization (SPDO)

Location: Kalabaid, Hargeisa

Project Cycle: March 2014 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 284.358,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 59.002,97 DKK

The project seeks to improve access to safe water through an extension of water pipeline net and the establishment of water kiosks for public access, as well as training in hygiene and sanitation. The project seeks to benefit the whole community (12,000 people), with special focus on the most vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, children at the age of 0-5 and school children. By creating access and availability to clean water, the hope is that hygiene will increase and child mortality and morbidity rates, caused by unclean water, will reduce. 80 people  are to be trained as hygiene promoter in the community.


Providing Fishery Training For Unemployed Youth
Project No.: 53 - Providing Fishery Training For Unemployed Youth

Diaspora Organisation: Daryeel Aid Service

Local Partner: Kulmiye Relief and Development Organization 

Project location: Mogadishu-Banadir, Somalia

Project Cycle: October 2014 - April 2015

Amount Granted: 164.209,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 27.690,00 DKK

The project provides fishery training for unemployed young IDPs and the local host community. The project will have 30 youth participants, 8 of whom will be women, for a period of 5 months, including skills in training of others, fish processing, boat repairing and general sea knowledge. The participants will train new trainees in the second face of the project.

After the training, the participants will receive material such as anchors and fishing nets to support them to establish livelihoods. The project will also set up and train a Community Project Committee who will follow up on the participants who have successfully participated in the project and will make sure to provide them with the support needed. The skills acquired during training shall be shared among other members of the community; hence the aim of the project is that the capacity of the whole community to sustain itself will be enhanced. 


Rehabilitation Of Five Canals In Lower Shabele
Project No.: 56 - Rehabilitation of Five Canals in Lower Shabele

Diaspora Organisation: Gladsaxe Idræts- og Kulturforening (GIKF)

Local Partner: WARDI Relief and Development Initiatives

Project location: Lower Shabele, Somalia

Project Cycle: October 2014 - May 2015

Amount Granted: 249.217,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 54.700,00 DKK

The project plans to rehabilitate five canals that have been flooded and not repaired in order to be used for farming, 40 km from Mogadishu. The project includes training of 200 farmers in modern agricultural practices. The project will benefit 200 farmers and their families, a total of around 1000 persons. Secondary the project will also benefit 800 farm labourers and their families, a total of around 4800 persons. The project enjoys support from the Min of Agriculture, a local canal committee, and Muslim Aid that pleads to support the future maintenance of the canals.


Awareness Raising About Complications Of FGM C Reduction
Project No.: 59 - Awareness Raising About Complications Of FGM/C Reduction

Diaspora Organisation: OFROSOM

Local Partner: Somali Society Development Association

Project location: Galkayo, Mudug, Somalia

Project Cycle: September 2014 - June 2015

Amount Granted: 232.400,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 39.768,00 DKK

The project aims to bring change in knowledge and attitudes towards female genital mutilation through drama performances, radio programmes, educational films, workshops, and discussion forums in 8 villages near and around south Galkaio in Galmudug Regional State of Somalia. Almost 98% of girls and women are exposed to the FGM/C practice with major health consequences. Thus, the project will seek to sensitize the population about the consequences of FGM/C. Through advocacy with local and religious leaders, the project aims to reach and affect the perception of the communities. The project’s primary target group is 320 people in the 8 villages. A further 20,000 people will be indirectly affected through radio discussions and broadcasting reaching most villages in Galmudug Regional State. The project enjoys support from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Women and Family Affairs.


Improving The Operation Of Bursalah Health Clinic
Project No.: 63 - Improving The Operation of Bursalah Health Clinic

Diaspora Organisation: Somali street children's Association

Local Partner: Nado Association

Project location: Mudug, Puntland, Somalia

Project Cycle: September 2014 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 114.494,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 20.000,00 DKK

The purpose of the project is to provide health assistance to vulnerable rural communities in Bursalah town and its surrounding villages in Mudug region, Puntland state of Somalia. This project will complement and improve the operation of a Health Clinic in Bursalah already constructed by the local community. It will extend support on necessary activities including a) Procurement of equipment consisting of laboratory apparatus and chemical reagents, b) clinic office equipment c) short upgrading medical training workshop for 22 medical staff on nursing, midwifery, laboratory and communicable diseases.

The project merges from a meeting in 2003 with members from the local community within Puntland regions such as the business groups, Intellectuals, academic professionals, women and youth, and with Diaspora members from EU, Arab States, East Africa and North America. In March 2011 Bursalah Development Committee and Diaspora members have contributed money to build operational health clinic which will provide free medications to Bursalah Community and surrounding villages. The clinic construction was completed in 2012. Since then, the clinic has been functioning and providing some of the assistance it was designated for. Currently, the clinic consists of three departments: the maternity ward, emergency ward and laboratory department.

Budget: 134,494.00 DKK


Improving Kabribayahs Sanitation And Access To Clean Drinking Water
Project No.: 66 - Improving Kabribayah's Sanitation And Access To Clean Drinking Water

Diaspora Organisation: Ogaden Concern Association

Local Partner: Ogaden Concerns Association Ethiopia (OCAE)

Project location: Kabribayah Somali Refugee Camp, Ethiopia

Project Cycle: September 2014 - September 2015

Amount Granted: 266.000,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 46.900,00 DKK

The project aims to maintain and rehabilitate five existing Birkas (cisterns) in the Kabribayah Somali Refugee Camp. To ensure the sustainability of the maintained Birkas, six water management committee members residing in the site will be established and given five days training on the topics of water resource management and water collection and conservation. The project also plans to implement water Sanitation and Hygiene activities, which include orientation trainings for 5 user groups in the refugee camp on basic hygiene and sanitation practices with themes like hand washing homestead cleaning, garbage pit excavation and regular burning. This will foster community ownership and management of water supply and continuation of promotion of improved hygiene practices. The target groups are both refugees and hosting communities in and near Kabribayah Refugee camp, a total of around 3500 people. 


Gosol Village School

Project No.: 67 - Constructing Gosol Village School

Diaspora Organisation: Danish Somali Unity

Local Partner: Gosol village council 

Location: Gosol Village, Mudug, Puntland

Project Cycle: March 2015 - September 2015

Amount Granted: 283.342,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 50.002,00 DKK

This project aims to build a primary school in Gosol Village, since there currently are no education facilities. The target group is 175 children from Gosol Village and the surrounding nomadic families. The application states that The Mudug Relief And Development Association (MRDA) has promised that they will finance teachers' salaries if the school is realized.


Project No.: 69 - Hero Dhagahley Farming Project

Diaspora Organisation: Somalisk Forening for Genopbygning (OFROSOM)

Local Partner: Somali Society Development Association (SOSDA)

Project location: Hero Dhagahley, Galmudug

Project Cycle: March 2015 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 413.944,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 84.620,00 DKK

With this project, OFROSOM plans to develop the livelihood of poor farmers in Hero Dhagahgley district in Galmudug by improving their agricultural production. The Project’s objective is to improve the livelihood of the people in the district and develop household income levels for poor families to reduce the extreme poverty. This will be achieved by distributing 25 solar powered water pumps delivered to 50 poor inhabitants that will enable them cultivate and to irrigate their farms using well water. Capacity building workshops on agricultural and technical practices will be delivered by Galmudug & Federal Agriculture Ministries.

Other organisations have implemented similar projects in this area, but the water pumps they delivered consumed gasoline and did not become sustainable because of fuel cost and scarcity. This project will be sustainable thanks to solar power energy. The primary target group is 350 poor subsistence farming families and the project will at large affect the lives of 2450 people. 


Turning Recycled Plastic Into Fuel Kerosene
Project No.: 75 - Turning Recycled Plastic Into Fuel (Kerosene).

Diaspora Organisation: Somaliland Mothers Community

Local Partner: Somaliland Hope Association (SOHA)  

Project location: Gabiley, Somaliland

Project Cycle: March 2015 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 411.971,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 69.898,00 DKK

This project is an innovative project that aims at improving the livelihood and environmental sanitation by recycling abundant plastic into fuel (kerosene) that can be used for lighting. The purpose of the project is to increase the income earning opportunities of very vulnerable and poor women who will receive payment for collecting waste plastic, which will be turned into kerosene at the recycling plant. Another group of poor and vulnerable women will then earn money by selling the kerosene produced in the recycling process to local shops. Additional 9 persons will be employed in the recycling plant and will be responsible for the recycle process. Concretely, the project will invest in the construction of a recycling plant as well as purchase and install recycling machinery.


Southern Somalia Peace And Development Organisation SSPDO
Project No.: 77 - Construction of Vocational and Skills Training Center

Diaspora Organisation: Southern Somalia Peace and Development Organisation (SSPDO)

Local Partner: Somali Organisation for Community Development Activities (SOCDA)

Project location: Mogadishu, Benadir, Somalia

Project Cycle: March 2015 - October 2015

Amount Granted: 387.291,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 67.089,00 DKK

Following the success of their last project of skills training, SSPDO in collaboration with a its local partner, SOCDA, and in consultation with various local stakeholders, is now starting a new project of construction of a vocational training centre and skills training for young people in the district. The project aims to prepare the District Authorities for taking a long-term responsibility in building a training centre consisting of two halls and equipping them with the basic training materials, and  to conduct two skills trainings. The trainings will be tailoring and dressmaking for young women aging between 18-35 years and carpentry for young men aging 18-35 years. By the end of the project the District Authorities has the full responsibility of the Centre and its future training programs.


Project No.: 04 - Mandhaye Physical Rehabilitation Center

Diaspora organisation: Mental Health In Somalia (MHIS)

Local Partner: Somalia Peace and Progress Organisation  (SPDO)

Project location: Togdheer, Somaliland

Project Cycle: June 2013 - March 2014

Amount Granted: 110.000,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 8895,00 DKK

The project proposed is to create a rehabilitation centre at Mandaye Mental Health Centre in order to introduce physical training as part of the psychiatric treatment of mentally ill patients. The aim of the project is twofold; to create a better understanding of the importance of physical exercise for health improvement in general, and to introduce physical training as an essential part of psychiatric treatment. Personal training programs will be proscribed for the patients as part of their mental treatment. 

Enhancing Employment Opportunities For The Young And Unskilled
Project No.: 07 - Enhancing Employment Opportunities For The Young And Unskilled

Diaspora Organisation: The Southern Somalia Peace and Development Organization (SSPDO)

Local Partner: Somali Organisation for Community Development Activities (SOCDA)

Location: Mogadishu

Project Cycle: June 2013 - May 2014

Amount Granted: 251.140,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 44.100 DKK

This project aimed at improving the livelihood conditions of youths deprived of schooling opportunities. 96 men and women aging between 18 and 25 will be trained in mobile repairing, cloth painting and dressmaking as well as simple business training for a period of five months. After the training, the project will facilitate the youth trained to use their acquired skills in income-generating activities/micro business cooperatives.


Kahda Poultry Production Project
Project No.: 10 - Kahda Poultry Production Project

Diaspora Organisation: Daryeel Aid Service

Local Partner: Kulmiye Relief & Development Organization (Kulmiye Org.)

Location: Mogadishu

Project Cycle: June 2013 - May 2014

Amounted Granted: 195.950,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 28.400,00 DKK

The project aimed at introducing the population in Kahda District to poultry production, in order to enhance food security and improve the population's nutrition status. 100 households was targeted, selected with a ratio of 50:50 from among IDP and host community. The target group attended training in poultry production and maintenance and, by the end of the project, each household will received 10 chickens in order to start up their own production.

Completion Of El Gula Secondary School
Project No.: 18 - Completion of El Gula Secondary School

Diaspora Organisation: Organisation for the Reconstruction of Somalia

Local Partner: Galad Rehabilitation and Development Organization (GRADO)

Location: Galmudug

Project Cycle: July 2013 - January 2014

Amount Granted: 169.003,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 55.069,00 DKK

The local community, with help from Somali Diaspora communities, started building a school in order to address the need for secondary education in the area. Due to lack of funds the construction was not finalized. The Organisation for the Reconstruction of Somalia aims at completing the construction of a Secondary School through this project. The completion of the El Gula Secondary School is expected to impact 1716 students.


Upgrading Technical Skills Of Traditional Birth Assistants And Community Nurses
Project No.: 36 - Upgrading Technical Skills of Traditional Birth Assistants and Community Nurses

Diaspora Organisation: Somali Women's Organisation in Denmark 

Local Partner: Puntland Minority Women Development Organisation (PMWDO)

Location: Mudug, Puntland

Project Cycle: March 2014 - October 2014

Amount Granted: 163.130,00 DKK

Own Contribution: 29.060,00 DKK

The aim of the project is to carry out a training program on maternal and child health at a Women's Heath Centre in order to update knowledge and technical skills at the hospital and within the region. The project targets 40 TBAs, 30 nurses and 6 trainers - in total 76 persons. The training includes topics such as reproductive health, FGM, clean delivery and immunization. Once attended the training, the healthcare professionals are obliged to assist in future training programs as well as work within the region for an unspecified period of time. The facilities for the training are already secured.