DRC staff


Team Leader: Mingo Heiduk

Responsibility: The Team Leader (TL) is responsible for the overall running of the Programme. Some of the TL's tasks at hand are the supervision of the Diaspora Programme team, further developing the Programme at a strategic level, maintaining and developing the Programme’s funding base and its relation to donors (current and potential), maintaining and developing the Programme’s national and international network. The TL also has the main responsibility for the Programme’s learning component, seeking to build evidence-based knowledge of the comparative value of diaspora engagement in development.

Project Coordinator, Diaspora Project Support (DiPS): Martin Wolf Andersen

Responsibility: The Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for the coordination, maintenance and development of the Danida-funded Diaspora Project Support (DiPS), consisting of the Programme's grant making and capacity-building processes. This includes maintaining and developing application procedures as well as coordinating and developing all relevant capacity building activities. In addition, the PC is the first point of entry for Diaspora organisations implementing projects with a grant awarded by the Programme, monitoring and supporting the implementing organisations’ compliance with Diaspora Programme rules and regulations. This also includes the day-to-day contact with the Programme’s local officers in Somalia and Afghanistan in order to coordinate monitoring and support at country-level.

Consortium Project Coordinator, DEMAC: Béatrice Mauconduit

Responsibility: The Consortium Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for the overall running of the ECHO-funded Diaspora Emergency Action & Coordination project (DEMAC). This consists of the overall coordination of the consortium's work in accordance with project work plans as well as cross-partner monitoring and evaluation processes. In addition, the PC is responsible for all operational liaison with ECHO and external partners. Finally, the PC is consolidating programmatic data and preparing project reports along with relevant administrative tasks across the consortium (conduction of workshops, seminars, conference, etc.)

Administrative Grants Officer: Annette Smedemark Christensen

Responsibility: The responsibility of the Administrative Grants Officer (AGO) is to support the Programme’s grant making mechanism; to conduct all tasks related overall office administration; to coordinate capacity building activities as well as internal and external meetings; and act as first point-of-entry to all external stakeholders contacting the Programme.

Project Coordinator, Durable Solutions: Adrien Bory

Responsibility: The Durable Solutions Project Coordinator (PC) is responsible for the Diaspora Programme’s engagement in Durable Solutions for displaced Syrians and Afghan. This is done in close collaboration with the DRC led platforms: Durable Solutions Platform for displaced Syrians (DSP) and the Afghan Displacement and Solutions Platform (ADSP). Our engagement aims at mapping, studying and consulting Syrian and Afghan diasporas in Europe to better enhance their role in supporting durable solutions.The project is co-funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the European Regional Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) and Danida.