What we do


The Diaspora Programme operates across multiple geographies and thematic areas:

  • Providing direct support to diaspora organizations by co-financing diaspora-led relief and recovery activities in Somalia and Afghanistan, providing technical support and offering trainings and workshops on a wide range of topics to support diasporas as agents of change.
  • Strengthening diaspora humanitarian response capacity and facilitating enhanced coordination with other local and international aid providers, including the formal humanitarian system.
  • Offering specialist support to DRC field operations topromote effective and relevant diaspora-programming.
  • Supporting DRC engagement with diaspora within the fields of durable solutions to displacement and mixed migration.
  • Developing and disseminating evidence and knowledge on diaspora engagement, contributing to ensuring relevance and performance of programmes and policies that seek to promote diaspora engagement.

New programming currently being developed:

  • Diaspora business engagement. We are currenlty developing a project in collaboration with DRC Somalia to bring impact investments from the Somali diaspora towards improving conditions for the return of displaced Somalis.
  • Diaspora mixed migration data collection and sharing. We are collaborating with DRC North and West Africa as well as the Mixed Migration Center towards including diasporas in the mixed migration programming. Diaspora’s knowledge and access to real time infomation will contribute to a more comprehensive protection monitoring in countries of transit and destination. In addition we want to pilot using diaspora information channels to ensure that people on the move get accurate and relevant information on available protection assistance.
  • Diaspora as Legal Counsellors to new arrivals in country of residence. Recognizing the fact that members of diasporas often support members of their community in asylum centers, providing social and legal advise but often without the necessary access to relevant and credible and up-to-date information, we aim to provide selected individuals in the diaspora with the relevant knowledge to offer the most qualified support possible.