Durable Solutions


DRC has been pioneering work on early engagement in durable solutions for displacement-affected communities in East Africa (Regional Durable Solutions Secretariat - ReDSS) and more recently in the Middle East (Durable Solutions Platform - DSP) and in Asia (Afghan Displacement and Solutions Platform - ADSP). The Diaspora Programme offers a concrete link to diaspora with a view to explore avenues for diaspora’s active engagement in supporting solutions in collaboration with the abovementioned multi-stakeholder platforms.

Our engagement is structured in two phases: first, a mapping/study of the diaspora in Europe is conducted, followed by a series of consultations and European conference. This first phase allows us to get a clear picture on the engagement of diaspora organizations linked to durable solutions and recommendations on how to support them. A second phase builds on the recommendations to provide targeted programming to selected organizations and network focusing on capacity enhancement, network and coordination, and research.