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The Diaspora Programme offers a range of workshops and courses for diaspora organizations and volunteers. See our upcoming arrangements below, and sign up!

Events organized by Diaspora Programme


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 Online Courses and Webinars 

DEMAC E-learning: Diaspora Humanitarian Training

Intro To DEMAC E Learning

This online training course has been created by DEMAC to provide diaspora responders with information, tools and guidance for enhancing a humanitarian response.

The course is made up of 3 modules which will take 125 minutes in total (extra time may be taken to complete activities in a supporting workbook) and you will be able to download a certificate after you have completed all the modules and the feedback form.

Learn more about the course at DEMAC website

Access the course at Kaya Connect.

Diaspora e-mentoring for local aid actors

Make -most -from -mentoring

Are you interested in providing or getting support in Finance, Proposal development or perhaps Advocacy?!

DEMAC’s online mentoring initiative provides the opportunity for Syrian, Somali, Sierra Leonean and Nigerian Diaspora individuals, companies or NGOs to share their knowledge, skills and experience with local organisations in country of origin or fellow diaspora organisations looking to improve their skills to be able to better deliver aid to the affected communities.

Through online peer-to-peer support, knowledge-sharing and guidance, both the mentors and the mentees will get the opportunity to strengthen their skills, boost their confidence and together help foster further development in their home country.

What are the topics of support?

  • Finance (Creating budgets, monitoring spending, creating financial reports, etc) 
  • HR (Recruitment procedures, contracting employees, onboarding, etc)
  • Procurement (Procurement procedures, contract types, due diligence, etc.)
  • Fundraising (finding the right channels of funding, etc.) 
  • Proposal Development (Applications, LFA, etc) 
  • Report writing (narrative and/or financial reports, etc.)  
  • Advocacy (Engaging in advocacy, etc.) 
  • Communication (Internal and/or external communications, etc.) 
  • Humanitarian coordination 
  • Duty of care, safety and security; risk management

What is required of me?

The mentoring relationship is informal and it is up to the mentor and mentee to decide the terms and conditions. We encourage building a supportive relationship, rather than providing one-off advice. DEMAC will do the matchmaking and facilitate the first contact based on the information provided in the online application form.

Get more information about the DEMAC e-Mentoring initiative.


Are you a Diaspora or local organization working on humanitarian assistance in Syria, Somalia, Nigeria or Sierra Leone & looking to develop your skills set, boost your confidence and enhance the overall performance of your organization?

Become a Mentee


Are you an experienced individual, company, NGO or network in the Diaspora looking at ways of offering your expertise to help further the development of a local organisation in your country of origin or a fellow diaspora organisation?

Become a Mentor