Find answers to frequently asked questions about the DRC Stand-by Roster here.


What is a Stand-by Roster?

A roster is a list of professionals awaiting their periods of duty. The DRC Stand-by Roster is comprised of 350 exclusively selected, experienced and professional men and women from all over the world.

The term stand-by indicates that roster members are ready to be deployed to international operations within 72 hours, when available.

How do I become a member of the Stand-by Roster?

The Roster recruits new members twice a year. Application periods will be announced on the Stand-by Roster homepage.

You can read more about the recruitment process and requirements here.

The roster only recruits a number of predefined specialised profiles, which you can read more about here.


Which nationalities can apply for the DRC Member Roster?

All nationalities can apply. We currently have approximately 60 different nationalities on the roster.

When is the next recruitment opening?

It is possible to apply twice a year, once in the spring and once in autumn. The next opening will be announced here.

How can I apply for the External Deployment Scheme?

Unfortunately you cannot apply for the External Deployment Scheme. For deployments under this scheme, the UN has pre-identified the candidates.

For Members and Deployees:

Questions related to deployments through the DRC Stand-by Roster Member Roster, and the External Deployment Scheme.

How long is an average Stand-by Roster deployment?

An average DRC Stand-by Roster deployment is 3-6 months. Special circumstances can make some deployments longer.

Does DRC deploy to family duty stations?

No, all deployments are considered non-family duty stations.

What is MyPage?

MyPage is a Stand-by Roster member site, where members can nominate themselves for vacant positions and trainings. It is also via MyPage that members update the DRC Stand-by Roster about their availability, contact information, skills etc. Click here to go to MyPage login page.

I am interested in a mission, but I have not yet attended the DRC Stand-by Roster induction training. Can I still nominate myself?

Yes. We prefer to have all new members attend a 4 day induction training in Denmark before their first deployment, however if selected for a mission before having participated in the induction training this is usually accepted.


How is the salary calculated?

You will receive a basic salary which is determined by the P-level of the deployment you have been selected for. You will furthermore receive a fixed per diem amount. An experience allowance is possible after several or long term deployments through the DRC Stand-by Roster. The experience allowance is not based on your previous work experience in general.

Are any taxes deducted from my salary?

No taxes are deducted from your salary unless you are a Danish citizen. The DRC Stand-by Roster does not undertake any responsibility in relation to the deployee’s tax status and tax liability.

The deployee shall him/herself seek a clarification with the tax authorities prior to his/her mission.

Am I entitled to pension when on a DRC Stand-by Roster contract?

No, you are not entitled to a pension from the DRC Stand-by Roster. For deployees who are liable to pay taxes in Denmark, DRC is according to Danish legislation obliged to make payments to ATP and AMB. These amounts will be deducted from the salary.

How many days of leave am I entitled to per month?

You will accrue leave with salary at the rate of 2,08 days per month (25 days per year) when on contract.

Am I entitled to a daily subsistence allowance (DSA)?

No you are not entitled to DSA. You will receive a per diem together with your salary. From this you are expected to cover daily expenses for food, laundry, private phone, internet etc.

Am I entitled to other UN allowances (Danger pay, Hazard Allowance, Solar etc)?

No, you are not entitled to any allowances from UN other than travel allowance for R&R.

Who covers the costs for rest and recuperation (R&R)?

The UN agency you are deployed to covers your travel costs to the nearest R&R destination.

The DRC Stand-by Roster will cover accommodation costs for maximum 6 nights up to max $125/night upon submission of original receipts. If you wish to go home for R&R, there will be no reimbursement of accommodation costs.


Are medical checks and vaccines covered?

Yes, medical checks prior to deployment and vaccines requested for travel to the duty station will be covered by the DRC Stand-by Roster. All costs will be reimbursed based on actual costs and original receipts.

Am I insured while on a DRC Stand-by Roster contract?

Yes you will be insured through BUPA www.bupa.com

The insurance will include medical and travel insurance.


How can I attend UN or DRC hosted trainings?

If you are a member of the DRC Stand-by Roster you can nominate yourself for trainings via the MyPage member site. Read the guide to nominations here.

Read more on the trainings here.

How many trainings a year can I attend?

We do not have a maximum number of trainings members can attend, but we will evaluate the relevance of all training requests. Furthermore, a rejected request can also be based on limited funding.

Read more on the trainings here.

Am I allowed to attend a training during a deployment?

Yes if your UN supervisor approves it. You should expect to spend leave days for this.

Read more on the trainings here.

Are the costs related to trainings covered?

Yes, DRC Stand-by Roster will pay for your travel and visa costs. The host or UN partner will pay for the accommodation. Usually all meals are covered, however if some meals are not covered you are expected to pay for this yourself. The Stand-by Roster do not pay any per diem for trainings.

Read more on the trainings here.